[News/Video] Preview JQT’s NoNoNo Single

Up and coming girl group JQT will begin their full-scale promotional activities with an online showcase on the 12th.

Besides singing their title track "I Fell For You," a composition of repetitive rhythms and infectious electronic beats and harmonies, they will also perform their quick tempo, guitar riff rich track "NONONO," a powerful emotional love song. Besides performances, the JQT ladies will also show netizens their endearing personalities and charms. Check out the preview of NONONO first.


To me, this single is..just okay,plain,normal..not good enough to stand out.This concept is like old KARA's concept.Good luck to the rookies...SHINee is coming back...Tae Yang too,Lee Hyori and many more :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sounds like KARA!
    But it'll be hard, SS501 and SHinee will make a comeback LOL!!!
    Triple S!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i like their clothes, they remind me jpop.. i though they going to be another stile.... more like buono! i dont know why but the first time y saw JQT picture i though they look like buono! the jpop group but honestly i feel like they dont fit well with this song... but i wanna see a performance before say something more...

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