[News]091011 2PM Fan, Instead Of Boycotting Dream Concert , Fans Will Open a Bazaar

[SPN Park Mi Ae reporter] Fans are continuing to volunteer for Park Jae Bum, member who has left the group 2PM.

On the 10th, 2PM "UNDERGROUND" will be opening a bazaar for "Beautiful Day" and "Beautiful Store".

Fans have been bringing estimated 6000 items to sell and raise money for this charity. 20 volunteers will help out in this event.

A 6 member-ed 2PM has performed for the first time without leader Park Jae Bum and has been gaining lots of attention.

UNDERGROUND said " On the 10th of October, we said we would boycott 2PM at the "Dream Concert." Without giving support to the "Dream Concert" We will give our best effort for "Beautiful day."

Fans have collected ₩ 10,000,000 and donated it to children' charity and 500 Million Won to adoptees. Fans will outreach the charity activities.

Source :SPN Park Mi Ae Reporter
Credits : bajaebum@2oneday (TRANS)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow... that's pretty generous!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hottest fighting!
    jay come back soon!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jay please come back to where you
    belong. we miss you and we love
    you so much. dont let anyone or
    anything bring you down or stop
    you from getting where you strive
    to be. we will support you and help
    you all the way. we're waiting for
    you, Jay. come back soon! 2PM won't
    ever be 2PM without you. no matter
    what anyone says, I think you are a
    great person and amazing role model.
    I wish you'd come back. keep your
    head up and be strong! don't ever
    forget that we are waiting for you.
    ALWAYS. hottest fighting!

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