[news] Run Releases "Face Off" Debut Mini Album

Solo debutant Run's "Face Off" Mini Album has been released!

In an introductory teaser that was released on October 12, LOEN Entertainment's new solo artist Run, (formerly E-bul from OPPA - Onni Potenza Per Avanzare), was discovered to already have a fan-base of many celebrities such as girl group After School, soloist Baek Ji Young, IU, and actress Kim Mi Yeon who all raved about Run's unbelievable talent. The same day, Run also released an MV teaser for his title song "Sexy Luv" which built up hype amongst many K-pop fans due to its mysterious atmosphere. Now the wait is finally over - Run's "Face Off" mini album has been released! It contains six tracks, one which features IU. All of the tracks sound pretty nice so check it out later! And remember to stay tuned to OMGKPOP for more Run and all of your K-pop updates.

Run's title track teaser "Sexy Luv":

Here are the teasers in case you missed them:

Introductory Teaser:

credits: 3N4CH05 @ omgkpop

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