[news] More info on SHINee’s ‘2009, Year Of Us’

The 5 member boy group, SHINee is releasing their 3rd mini-album ‘2009, Year Of Us’ on October 19 and they do have a plan to conquer this later half of the year and make it theirs.

The single, Ring Ding Dong, that was released on October 14 has been receiving alot of love from the public. Especially with the help of famous composers like Yoo Young Jin and Kenzie, the mini-album is really something to be anticipated.

The album consists of 6 tracks. SHINee is dedicating the song ‘Y.O.U. (Year Of Us)’ to their fans while ‘Jo Jo’, composed by popular composer Kenzie, is a trendy Euro-pop dance and ‘SHINee Girl’ is a fun song with Swing beats. The remaining tracks are in a variety of genres that help illuminate SHINee’s new charm.

f(x)’s Luna is joining Key and Minho in a powerful track, ‘Get Down’, while Onew has his first ever solo – a sad love song called ‘The Name That I Loved.’

After the release of the teaser video on October 15, SHINee is scheduled for their comeback stage on Music Bank on October 16 and the release of their music video on the same date. Don’t forget to keep an eye out.

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    cant wait

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    SHINee! Hwaiting!

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