[News] Seungri said, “The hyungs are getting ready to escape”


On October 6th, the first episode of the new variety talk show ‘Strong Heart’ aired with the great MCs and the extraordinary group of guests. Past shocking stories were shared and the biggest highlight of the show was the great escape plan formed by the greatest hit idol group, Big Bang.

Wondering what the plan was about? Get in backstage with the YG family by going under cut!

“When idols reach the second and third year stage since their debut, they get the sense to rebel.” – GDragon.

When GDragon was chosen next as Kang HoDong’s secret weapon on the new variety talk show ‘Strong Heart,’ all the fans knew that they were in for a surprise. GDragon started out in his talk by talking about the “slump” the members had been going through then, and the hard times that came to them along with the working and popularity. During the time of the Hite commercial (the one that SeungRi wasn’t allowed into), the four members from Big Bang gathered and had a secret meeting to run away and have fun all by themselves. They had even planned everything out with DaeSung driving and taking the car while GDragon, TaeYang, and TOP would take of the guards and everything else. The plan was all set and with the end of the CF filming, GDragon contacted SeungRi as well. However, on that day they were set to leave, YG calls GDragon and starts to talk about the misunderstanding and calls him for a meeting and in the end, they were able to get a two month break, which made the plans unneccessary. But here is the catch.

“So we [TaeYang, GD, DaeSung, TOP] concluded if SeungRi had been the one to tell YG.” – GDragon.

GDragon stated that right after he had sent the text message to SeungRi about their decision to leave, the call from YG came almost immediately. Also, soon after the news, SeungRi’s solo album had come out as well. So, in order to solve the mystery, GDragon asks SeungRi at the spot if he had told YG.

“To tell the truth … between me and YG, there had been a suspicious dealing.” – SeungRi.

SeungRi admits his dealing with YG and talks about rules in the YG Family where, if you get three outs, you are automatically out. At that time he had two strikes on his record and when he had been with YG alone, YG told him that if he “texts” him some information about what the Big Bang hyungs are up to, then he would remove the strikes in SeungRi’s record. Then soon after, SeungRi recieves the message from GDragon about the escape plan and automatically, he uses this as the method to get the strikes erased from his record.

The text message:

* SR : “I think the movement of the hyungs are suspicious”
* YG : “Explain to me in detail”
* SR : “The hyungs are getting ready to escape”

Then SeungRi finishes the story by saying, “After I told on the hyungs, it was like home run for me. I started filming musicals, movies, dramas, and solos.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    rofl i dont know what to think of this i wanna watch the video first before saying anything haha but it seems funny ... :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    ahaha. im not a bigbang fan, but it seems entertaining.
    when will this be aired?

  3. Anonymous says:

    the video already post up on hqbb but i really hope there will be sub for dis soon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL, baby seungri is a snitch! how dare he do that to his "elders" lol, love him and all of them so much though...I really like baby seungri for being honest about it :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    ahhh!!! Seung Ri told YG about the hyungs plan..hahaha..naughty magnae..
    Big Bang are just too cute..

  6. Anonymous says:

    lol naughty naughty. i wonder whether the others still hold a gudge against him.

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