[News] SHINee’s Key Reveals New Album Look

After fellow SHINee members Minho, Onew, Taemin, and Jonghyun revealed their new look for their new album, "2009, Year of Us," Key has finally revealed his own look!

You will see that he does a 180° radical transformation. The last time you saw him, he had blonde permed hair. His new look reveals a black, unbalanced-cut hair with a bit of dye of violet color. He also has a smoky makeup which reveals his attractive eyes and harmonizes with the monotone feel.

SHINee's 4th track song in their comeback album, called, "Get Down," will have Key and Minho showing their rapping skills - almost as if they are having a rap battle. What is more interesting is that f(x)'s Luna will be featured, showing her sensational vocals.

SHINee will debut with "Ring Ding Dong" on the 16th through KBS2TV's Music Bank.


VC: minshinee

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  1. mymbhah7 says:

    aww~ i miss his old hair ..

    this hair not that bad .

    SHINee ! fighting !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Key's hair!! xD
    Omg the teaser..I was like isn't this replay? But I guess it's a remix??
    Wah..I want to hear the full version of this remix now!!

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