[News] SS501's Promoter Is...?

Diva's(reporter's nickname) friend have received complaints from the fans of a korean music group, SS501, that came to Malaysia recently. This group (SS501) have their own fans. Infact, the fans who are crazy about them (SS501) are willing to do just about anything in order to see their No.1 music group.

"Va (Diva), can you imagine, they (SS501's fans) have waited for such a long time. And while the autograph session, they just allowed to receive a signature from one member only instead of all five member. They are so frustrated. Despite that they have waited for a long time, and ended up leaving with dissapointment.

"And not to mention the ink of the pen that was used for the signature are non-permanent. After a while, the signatures are gone (because of the whiteboard marker that are not permanent). " said by Diva's friend, Ahmoi Chantek.

She also said that that during the press conference, the reporters couldn't ask questions or interview because of the host kept asking stupid questions. (remember about the DBSK disbanding issue question? sigh..)

Actually, Diva have heard so many stories about promoters that brought international groups but ended up giving every reporters a hard time.

Credit: (original source) Kosmo! Newspaper + (English translation) Hurmutube/syarifah.arfah + syarifaharfah.blogspot.com + quainte

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