[News] KARA's Goo Hara’s Past Revealed/ Goo Hara's Nickname

Always vigilant, the netizens found an old clip from a documentary of Goo Hara's interview about her dreams of being a singer. Now, everyone must admit that this 14 year old girl in these screenshots is Goo Hara herself. This documentary contained a story of Goo Hara's childhood, where she kept herself busy with acting school as well as dance school. This also proves that Goo Hara indeed is an "idol with effort".

Through the interview, Goo Hara said "I was so worn out at first that I often had nose-bleeds. I once fainted from the fatigue condition also. The family are against my dream to become a celebrity, but I really really want this. I couldn't feel confident towards myself if I didn't attend a single day of [acting and dancing] school.

She also added, "I enjoy pushing myself even If I might not end up being a celebrity. I get the happiness from simply just dreaming"

Kara's Goo Hara has been receving a lot of love lately through her appearances in Chuseok special programs. She is known as the "idol who has great will power" amongst her fans, and is continuing to get popular with her act of trying her best in every programs.

In MBC's "Sweet Girl", which aired recently on the 2nd, she surprised a lot of fans. How? Well with her slim and small body, she was able to move a 2.5 ton truck for 2.2 meters, AND she showed her great speed in a race. Unfortunately, during the race, it looked like she was going to win but tripped and fell on the ground when the finish line was right in front of her, missing the chance win.

Although she had lost that race, it was obvious that she was going to win if she had not fallen. With her surprising skills in running, some netizens have started calling her "Goosain Bolt". For those of you who doesn't get the nickname, "Usain Bolt" is probably the world's fastest runner, as he is a three-time olympic gold medalist, winning the race (with a world record) for 100m, 200m, and also winning the 4x100 meter relay with his teammates.

But even before being labeled "Goosain Bolt", she has been called other nicknames in the past because of her athletic skills. As you all know, on January 26th 2009, a MBC Lunar New Year Special - "Flying Fist", was broadcasted. If you have seen it, you will know that Goo Hara had a boxing fight with Jewelry's Kim Eun Jung. Who won? Well let's just say that Goo Hara pwned gave her a beating. Even more surprising is the fact that Goo Hara claimed that it was her first fight ever?

After showing her impressive boxing skills, she has been called, "BadrHara" and "Gooslan Baraaf" by the netizens. If you don't know, they are comparing her as Badr Hari and Ruslan Chagaev, as they are one of the best boxers in the world.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    HARA Jjang!

  2. Anonymous says:

    its sad she had low confidence but now she is an amazing beautiful person

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