[News] TaeYang to Come Back as a Solo Artistbut No Promotional Activities Planned !

By HyungWoo Kim [cox109@newsen.com]

Boy band Big Bang’s TaeYang is coming back as a solo artist after 1 year and 5 months.

His new single, "Where U At" will be released on the 15th. Last year, with his first mini album, “HOT,” containing such hit singles as “Look Only at Me" and “Prayer,” TaeYang made a strong impression on both critics and the public. He successfully broke the mold of a lead vocalist of a popular boy band and garnered both critical acclaim and popular success as a serious musician.

Last year, he topped various music and TV show charts for several weeks and won awards at the Korean Music Awards, where the winners are selected by music critics. When he held his first solo concerts last year, he made one of the shows only for adults, making a bold attempt to communicate with the older generations, breaking the mold of the so-called “idol star.”

The famous dancers from abroad who appear in the "Where U At" music video to be released on the 15th (reportedly) praised him non-stop saying, “TaeYang is better than any professional dancer we have ever seen. It’s absurd that a singer is this good a dancer!”

“Where U At” was written and composed by Teddy, who has made a hit after hit, including TaeYang's "Look Only at Me" and "Prayer" and 2NE1's "Lollypop," “Fire” and “I Don't Care.” The magical pairing of TaeYang and Teddy is making people wait with high anticipation.

The lyrics for “Where U At” were written based on the fact that TaeYang, who’s 21, has never had a girlfriend, and will ring true to the listeners as they truthfully describe TaeYang's real-life situation that he dreams of a girl who must be somewhere in the world and whom he will meet someday.

With TaeYang coming back as a solo artist, competition among Big Bang members is expected to ensue with G-Dragon already dominating various charts with his first solo album. However, don't hold your breath - you won't see any off-line showdown between those two.

YG Entertainment says, “’Where U At’ will only be a sort of preview for TaeYang’s full album to be released on a later date and at this point we have absolutely no plan for promotional activities or appearances on TV shows.”

That is because his second digital single and the title song of the album, "Wedding Dress" is going to be released early November. Therefore, his promotion period will be from mid November through end of the year.

You will be able to get a taste of “Wedding Dress” toward the end of the "Where U At" music video.

There had been a rumor that TaeYang’s first full-length album would be released in October following G-Dragon's first solo album released in August. What exactly TaeYang has up in his sleeves releasing two digital singles first makes people curious. This is what makes people suspect that YG Entertainment might be planning a blockbuster promotional strategy.

TaeYang caused a sensation in the markets for male solo artists last year. Now he is coming back after 1 year and 5 months. He is already making many people curious as to what kind of new style and music he will bring to touch their hearts and wait with a high level of anticipation.

Source : Newsen , http://bigbangvip.net/index.php?s=88474212afb968b8928dcfa60e37c8bd&showtopic=3305
Credits to : pgeorgie@blogspot (TRANS), HyungWoo Kim [cox109@newsen.com], Smile @ http://bigbangvip.net/index.php?s=88474212afb968b8928dcfa60e37c8bd&showtopic=3305

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