[News] Why did Leeteuk fail the musical audition?

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk made heads turn when he revealed the reason why he failed the musical audition he went to.

During the recording of KBS Drama Super Junior’s Miracle, MC Park Kyunglim asked the new member Yesung what he’s busy with recently “I’ve been so busy practising for my musical.”

Leeteuk was upset when he wasn’t selected after the musical audition. “I went to the musical audition wanting to do well~ but the interviewer asked me to perform Jazz and i have no idea how to so i said ‘I cannot do Jazz but i can do locking’ and i failed.”

Leeteuk wasn’t embarrassed even after all the mocking by members, showing his passion for musicals he said “anytime as long as there is a chance i will want to take part in musicals”

The full story of Leeteuk’s failed musical audition will be revealed this saturday at 8pm on KBS Drama Super Junior’s Miracle.

source: mydaily
translated by: carolyn @ sj-world.net
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