[News]2NE1 are going to China again...for the China Korea Song Festival? / DARA's & CL Me2Day

[EVENT/RECORDING] 10/6 KBS-CCTV 2009 11th Korea China Song Festival
- Venue: Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center (in Qingdao, China)
- Time: 8PM KST
- I think the show will be braodcasted on a later date

Korean guests: Super Junior M, SS501, 2NE1, Chae Yeon, f(x), etc.

Source: yg_twentyone
Cr: yg-21.com + ygsecret21.com

DARA updated her me2day - 10/06

"이제 곧 출발~!!!중국으로 아 고고고~! 이번엔 청도고고싱! 로밍되겟죠?^.^ 이따 연락할게욧~! 즐거운비행되세요..싼토끼..good luck!!!"

"Soon to depart~!!!To China ah go-go-go~! This time to Cheongdo go-go-shing! Is there roaming?^.^ I’ll keep in touch~! Have a good flight…Ssantokki…good luck!!!"

"우리 떠나요~!^.^"

"We’re leaving~!^.^"

"얘는 내가 엄청 이뻐하는 또치!~!^.^ 울 채뤼니의 아가다~! 아직 아기라 잠만잔다…쿨쿨쿨…코오~ 쉿! 자니까 조용히해주세용^.^"

"It’s incredibly pretty Ddochi (CL's hedgehog pet)!~!^.^ Is our baby~! He’s still sleeping…cool cool cool…cooo~ shh! He’s sleeping, so please be quiet^.^"

DARA - 10/05

"추석휴가가끝나가네요..이제 내일아침이면 다시 연습실로꼬고~!^.^ 랙잭이들두 잘쉬엇나요?ㅋ옛날사진한장날립니다!!쪼오기 달옹셀카찍는데 힐끔얼굴을 들이민 까리쑤마리다 얼굴은 가려주는센스ㅋ글구또치는안무서워요!^^ 또치야~!카몬!"

"Chuseok vacation's almost at an end.. Tomorrow morning back to the practice room go go~! ^.^ Did our Black Jacks rest well too? haha I'm putting up an old picture!! Waayy over there Dal-Ong was taking selca, peeking in is out charisma Leader whose face was covered up haha. And ddotchi (CL's hedgehog pet) isn't scary!^^ Ddotchi~! Come on!"

CL - 10/05


"Warm Choi PD-nim (t/n: Choi PD is the one who brought us 2NE1 TV)"

"사진하나찍는데 십분걸렸어 역시 ..시끄러워"

"It took me 10 minutes to take one photo too.. be quiet"

"새로운식구를소개합니다!THE “YOUNG WOO”!+_+ 영우 다음엔 샤방한모습을공개하자!"

"Introducing new member/family! THE "YOUNG WOO"! +_+ Young Woo the next syabang revealed! (t/n: Syabang means a dazzling/pretty/hot person)"

Source: Kpoprants
Cr: Dara's me2day + CL's me2day + first two of Dara's HERE + all trans except Dara's first two HERE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CL is prettier without make up

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love thew way 2ne1 keeping intouch with us(backjacks)
    CL soo pretty and fresh!!!
    2ne1 hwaiting!!
    ah gogogo

  3. Anonymous says:

    yea,cl is soo pretty w/o makeup..but wheres minzy :O miss her a lot..i want to see bom w/o makeup..

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