[NEWS]2NE1, “We were not allowed to have a boyfriend for 5 years and it is too much”

2NE1 reveals that they have been forbidden to have a boyfriend in the next 5 years, and how they had used their aegyo (acting cute) to request for the period to be cut down to 3 years.

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 13th October, it was 2NE1’s debut variety show appearance. And CL revealed, “During the 5 years after we debut, we are not allowed to have boyfriends.”

And MC Kang Ho Dong responded, “If that is the case, then member Sandara Parkwill not be able to have a boyfriend until she is 31 years old. CL made a tearful expression and then added, “But there is a way out.”

CL said, “The ‘boyfriend’ physical test. He told said (our boyfriend) have to undergo a health medical examination.”

With that guest appearance Tablo commented, “My wife-to-be is also a YG artiste, so I have to go for the health medical examination too.”

Sandara Park and Park Bom revealed that they used aegyo to request, “Can’t we reduce it to 3 years?”

CL then added, “So the unnies were given hope when it was reduced down to 3 years from 5 years.”

Meanwhile, Park Bom revealed on the show, “Personally, my ideal type of guy amongst the male entertainer is Brian.”

Sandara Park also commented, “I find cute and tough younger guys more attractive than older guys. If I can call (Lee Seung Gi sshi) my dear it will be great.”

Meanwhile, there were 21 guest appearance for the 2nd episode of the show – including 2NE1, Boom, Brian, Tablo, Hong SeokCheon etc.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw this episode too, Tablo said that as a question/joke. And they said it was a 5 stage test, the first stage being a physical exam.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also, the rest of the test were not said.

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