[News]Dynamic Duo Members Start Military Service

The two members of hip-hop group Dynamic Duo entered a military camp yesterday to start serving the country.

Choiza and Gaeko joined a camp in Euijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, where they will participate in basic military training for five weeks before being dispatched to divisions for the two-year mandatory service.

The indie hip-hop duo released their fifth album, "Band of Dynamic Brothers," on Oct. 6. They appeared on cable music TV channel Mnet Oct. 8, which became the first and last promotional performance for the album.

During the program, Choiza said he was pleased to have released a new album before joining the army. Gaeko also said the timing of the start of his military service was good as he has grown a bit tired of creating music after 10 years of work.

They had a farewell party at a bar in southern Seoul on Sunday with a hundred colleagues and other singers.

Dynamic Duo debuted with the album "Taxi Driver," which became the best-selling hip-hop album in the country.

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