[News] SHINee's picture book sold out

SHINee's second picture book "SHINee Night" has sold out seven days after its release on Sept. 23.

Their first photo book "SHINee Day" was published in July and sold out in five days. It is rare in the Korean entertainment industry for pop singers to have a hit with photo books.

The pictures of "SHINee NIGHT" were taken from the exotic and stylish streets of Auckland, New Zealand to portray the five members as "modern downtown boys," while SHINee emphasized purity by focusing on nature, farms and valleys in "SHINee Day."

A 40-minute-long DVD that contained various images and interviews of the five members was provided as a supplement to the book, making quite a splash.

To express their gratitude to the fans, SHINee is about to have a book signing event at the Grand Hall in Techno Mart Sindorim, southwestern Seoul, on Oct. 18.

On Oct. 14, the top boy band will also unveil the new song "Ring Ding Dong" on the internet before their comeback on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" this Friday.

According to SHINee's agency, the genre of "Ring Ding Dong" is Afro-electro, mixed with the sounds of an African conga drum and a synthesizer. The imaginative song expresses the moment one falls in love as a bell rings in one's head.

SHINee's third mini album "2009, Year Of Us" will be released on Oct. 19.

source: korean herald

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  1. OMG SHINee you guyz are so famous!!! waa

    minho,JH,taemin,onew and KEY

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