[News]Daesung To Appear At 2009 Dream Concert Afterall & Joint colab with 2NE1?

After lots of deliberation over the past few days over Big Bang's Daesung participation at the 2009 Dream Concert, it was revealed a day before the actual concert that he will be on stage with Big Bang afterall.

YG Entertainment had only said yesterday that although Daesung had recovered from his injuries in the car accident, he's not yet in 100% condition. But with Daesung requesting to perform and the fans hoping to see Big Bang together as five on stage again, YG Entertainment has relented and has decided that Daesung will perform on stage tomorrow night.

A YG representative said, "Although Daesung's participation is now confirmed for the 2009 Dream Concert, we have not decided on how many songs he will perform to since he's really not fully fit yet. Big Bang will be performing two songs and there's also a joint collaboration with their juniors, 2NE1 as well."


Omg? o.o Joint collaboration !!!? are they gonna sing lollipop? or one of big bang songs ? o.o...i am getting excited for the Dream concert

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I expect a more awesome collaboration than the one they had in the Idol Show.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah dae will be back can't wait... i hope he will be in a good condition to perform....big bang and 2ne1 collaboration again can't wait but i hope they would sing together instead of dance together....All the best to all of the Performers ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    T_T ahhhh!!!!! I will get to see Dae again!!!!! I really hope they perform lollipop, I would just go crazy!!! So sweet of Dae to do this for his fans, he really should rest...but, I can't complain, so thank you Daesung!!!!

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