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by Ricardo F. Lo
Funfare managed to do an exclusive one-on-one with Kim Bum, 20 (born on July 7, 1989, a Cancerian). Don’t ask me how. Kim Bum doesn’t speak English. Here are excerpts of his translated answers (in Korean, but of course!):

What does your name Kim Bum mean?
“No specific meaning.”

How come majority of Koreans are surnamed Kim?
“Well, good point! But I don’t know about specific historical background of it.”

What kind of family do you come from, conservative or liberal?
“It depends. My mother is more liberal and supportive, though.”

What can you say about your role in Boys Over Flowers?
“Yi-Jeong is apparently a playboy. I’m not like him.”

What about your role in Dream (also forthcoming on ABS-CBN)?
“Lee Kang-Seok, my character in Dream, is a pickpocket from an orphanage. When he meets this guy Nam Je-Il, he becomes a boxing champion. What they have in common is that they seem to be tough and bad but they are actually soft-hearted.”

Do you know that you have many fans in the Philippines, that Koreanovelas are popular in the Philippines?
“I heard the news about the airing of Boys Over Flowers in the Philippines, but had no idea about the fans and all. I’m just fascinated and grateful for the love and support. Thank you for all the support.”

What can you say about Maja Salvador, your partner in the RC Cola commercial?
“It’s actually my first time to work with a foreign actress. She was more than kind and considerate when it came to the shooting, my first time to do so in the Philippines. She has a good personality that soothes everything.”

How was the shoot?
“RC Cola and the production team were over the top. They were well-prepared and organized. They even prepared Korean food for lunch and dinner! Everybody, from the directors to the last junior assistant directors, was amazingly professional. Working with a great team like that ignited my passion for acting. I was told that some of the directors used to work in the USA, and that the team included half-German/half-Filipinos, Japanese and Korean. Truly an international group of people with different perspectives and experiences working together to make this RC Cola Commercial an inspiring one as the product tries to strengthen the image of RC Cola as ‘RC ng Bayan.’ Thank you so much for making me a part of this great team! I’m just overwhelmed and excited.”

What kind of girls do you like?
“I think Filipinas are beautiful. I like them.”

Do you have a girlfriend?
“No girlfriend at the moment.”

Have you always wanted to be an actor since you were a kid?
“I became an actor by accident, actually. Now I get to think that everything happens for a reason, and what made me decide to become an actor was more of the course of nature. Okay, so the story goes like this. I happened to be at a Movie Awards night in Korea, and I was moved by actors celebrating their colleagues’ works with full support and true heart. I thought that after all, the world doesn’t have to be competitive at all. I wanted to be part of it.”

Do you read and answer your fan mail? An average of how many letters/e-mail do you get per day?
“Thanks for asking this question so that I can at least share how grateful I am to all my fans out there. I don’t get to track down the average number of fan letters/mail, but I hope you all know that it inspires me so much to make me go on as an actor. While I’m on the set, I don’t even get to check my e-mail and don’t get to write back as well. However, I’m doing my best to show a better Kim Bum on TV. I hope the fans will understand me.”

What do you do in your free time; how do you enjoy or pamper yourself?
“I’m a movie buff. Most of the time, when I’m free I go to movies or watch DVD at least. I am really a boy-next-door. I play games at home and, when the urge hits me to be outdoor, I play soccer.”

After shooting a commercial here, would you like to do a TV series or a movie in the Philippines?
“Why not? It will be a great experience. However, as of the moment, I would like to take and enjoy each opportunity one at a time so I’ll be able to give my best shot.”


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