[NEWS]Gagman Park Sung Kwang '2PM JAEBUM will definately come back to Korea'!

Gagman Park Sung Kwang talks about the idol group ‘2PM’ with issue of the withdrawl of the group member JAEBUM he reveals ‘If his heart is the same as fans on wanting to come back to Korea he will come back’

In a phone interview on the 7th with TV Daily ‘I’m not that close with JAEBUM however I am saying this as a fan of 2PM’. Also ‘I wish to see him make a comeback to Korea soon’.

He also talks about how he is a fan of JYP and talks about the responsibilities of JYPE and how they are getting blamed ‘Whatever the case is someone’s going to get bashed whoever the person was’ ‘however I believe JYP will have the same feelings as fans’.

‘Now is not a bad time and JAEBUM will return’ and ‘Because I am a fan it is my wish for him to carry on with 2PM members’.

Park Sung Kwang is also friends with ‘Dongbangshingi’s’ Micky Yoochun. Park Sung Kwang revealed ‘I am friends with him and used to have drinks with him although he was a idol we used to meet up just the two of us and that’s when he became a man he a really cool guy’.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hope he comes back soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    we should think positive!
    of course Jay will come back
    to us. he knows our hearts and
    how we feel. Jay come back soon!
    we love you so much and we miss
    you so much!
    get better and always remember
    that we are here for you. We will
    always have your back. we're waiting
    for you! come back soon Jay!

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