[NEWS]Kim Bum finds Filipino star Maja very pretty!

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“Boys Over Flowers (BOF)” star Kim Bum met actress Maja Salvador on Wednesday and said he was excited about working with the young Filipino star. Salvador and Kim are set to do a commercial for a brand of softdrinks.

Kim and Salvador had a lunch meeting October 1.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Kim said that he is really excited to shoot a commercial with Salvador, whom he finds very pretty and charming.

For Salvador, she said that she’s also happy to do a project with a member of the country’s favorite Korean group — BOF. “Yes, I’m a fan of Boys Over Flowers and finally you are here (looking at Kim). We’ll be doing a commercial with RC Cola, it’s gonna be big and I’m very excited that I’ll be able to work with him,” Salvador said.

Kim said he’s thankful that he will be able to work with Salvador and vowed to watch Salvador’s upcoming television show “Nagsimula Sa Puso.”

Kim said that it was his first time to visit the country, and he is really amazed with the hospitality of Filipinos.

“It’s actually my first time to be in the Philippines and I’m amazed with the fresh air and nice people,” Kim said in Korean.

Like other international stars, Kim said that he is also aware of what happened over the weekend when tropical storm Ondoy flooded the country.

The Korean star said that also feels sorry for the victims of Ondoy.

Kim said he is really thankful to all his Filipino fans.

“Thanks for loving a foreign actor. Physically I’m in distant, but I’m always with you. I’m always strengthened with your cheers!” Kim said. He said that he also wants to spend more time with Filipino fans, but unfortunately he doesn’t have enough time during this visit.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    they actually look good together. Maja is really pretty, especially in person :) and well, kim bum is always and will forever be cute haha

    btw, it's MAJA not MIJA (title) haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kim Bum is no.1 in Twitter Trending Topics right now...

  3. Kiji says:

    By the way, Her name is MAJA and SALVADOR is her surname. Anyways, it is good to hear that Kim Bum finds our country very warm and a good place to visit. I hope you he go back here and do some commercials with other Filipino Artists.


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