[News/Videos]T-ara Boram emerged as best female idol on MBS Chuseok special ‘Sweet Girl’ ,Sweet Girl Videos !

Group T-ara member Jeon Boram has been chosen as the best idol girlgroup member.

On MBC ‘Sweet Girl’ chuseok special aired on 2nd October, members from 6 idol girlgroups fought against each other in each of the games to be the 1 winner of the day.

And Boram, daughter of singer Jeon YeongRok has won many of the games they played on the show. And the prize of the day – a top class HanWoo (Korean beef) set.

Go under the cut to watch the show.

The 6 idol girlgroup teams did wrestling, arm wrestling, sprinting etc. And in the last contest of sprinting, KARA Goo Hara, who was a strong competitor on the game had fallen down halfway, and Boram took the chance to overtake and emerged first.

Participating members:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae: Jessica, SooYoung, Sunny
  • KARA: Han SeungYeon, Goo Hara, Park GyuRi, Kang Ji Yeong
  • After School: SoYeong, JooYeon, Bekah, GaHee, JungAh
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • 4Minute
  • T-ara
  • Special appearance: WonderGirls

Video Credits:Nasasapce

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel so sad for HARA!!!

    The floor!!! It's not made for racing!!! She slipped! She was the clear winner before that.

    But congrats BORAM!

  2. Anonymous says:

    waah poor hara.. T_T

  3. Anonymous says:

    is there an eng sub?

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