[Pictures] SHINee Taemin pics have been revealed

It has been reported earlier that SHINee will be making a comeback soon......Jong Hyun pics and Video of his hairstyle is out.This time, it is the Maknae of the group,Tae Min's photo have been revealed.It looks like the Maknae of the group is growing together with the group's concept.Tae Min looks much more mature in this photoshoot.Their clothes and style in this photoshoot should be their main concept..but we will see...Enjoy these Eye Candy pics ;) ~....Stay tune for more updates about their comeback !.

source: shinee.smtown.com
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  1. Anonymous says:

    taemin seriously look like heechul in the last pic

  2. Anonymous says:

    he looks so mature and handsome :)

  3. TR says:

    he looks like lee min ho of bof.. omg...
    i like the previous taemin... his baby face... hmp

  4. Anonymous says:

    agree with 1st comment..
    seriously look like heechul..

  5. mymbhah7 says:

    my taeminie!!

    he looks matured !!

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