[Video] Tiara lights up the "Fire"!

Tiara's members Eun Jung,Ji Yeon and Hyo Min appeared on 1000 songs challenge that was aired earlier today.

When it was their turn to sing,they got to sing 2NE1's debut song "Fire".

It sounds a bit weird for them to sing the song but of course they managed to complete their mission.

Now let's have a look at Tiara's version of "Fire"!

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  1. simba13 says:

    their version is also good.
    but 2ne1`s better :)

  2. ino says:

    she looks a bit shy! good job~

  3. Anonymous says:

    2ne1 much better

  4. Anonymous says:

    lol, in the beginning the girl was mumbling a bit because she didn't seem to know the english, so cute though, I'm sure 2ne1 would be proud of them.

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