[news] Siwon is a Soul Brotha

Anytime, anywhere, Super Junior's Choi Siwon is one proud Christian. He doesn't fail to pray and worship God all the time and is perfectly loyal in keeping his faith, continuously unfazed by the ugly world that is showbusiness. Considering the work of Super Junior spans Asia-wide, it is unavoidable that they will have to meet fellow artists and colleagues. Apparently, when making friends with Chinese stars, Siwon still sticks with fellow Christians. Seems like he's a fellow Soul Brother to F4/JVKV's Vanness Wu whose current drama Next Stop, Happiness is a surprise hit. And what else bonds them? Of course, their faith. Vanness Wu claimed that after he is performing celibacy after becoming full Christian some months ago and plans to hold "it" off until after marriage. I wonder if Shiwon intends to do the same.


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  1. simba13 says:

    what does soul bro means?
    my siwonie is so faithful >.<

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