[Video]MV "New Girl Trio"]Lady Collection (레이디컬렉션) - 아는 오빠 (A Guy Who I Know)

MV : Lady Collection (레이디컬렉션) - 아는 오빠 (A Guy Who I Know)

Members :
- Ji Eun (지은) [ex YG Family Solo Singer]
- Eli (앨리)
- Say (세이)

Singer : Lady Collection
1st Mini Album - Watch Secretly
Date : 12 October 2009

Tracklist :
1. Ladysh (레이디쉬)
2. 훔쳐보기-슬픈말
3. Poker Face
4. 아는 오빠
5. 그 누구보다

Video Credits: urasiansourceKpop

This song...its kinda a ballad song :).Their sound should be like Seeya and Davichi.Anyway,enjoy the videos,prepare for more new MV from rookies as what i heard from my sources, secret will be releasing their MV tonight.So we have like, Secret,JQT,Lady Collection,4Tomorrow,T-ara & Supernova MV's out in a day !.

Another girl group who debuts their MV..Hmm i wonder when they will debut? Don't tell me it will be on the 15th,Lol Secret,JQT,MBLAQ will be debuting on the 15th.Anyway tough competition for the rookies ! SHINee is coming back on the 16th .Good luck !

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    their voices are gooooood =o

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