[news] SHINee's Third Album Comeback + Tracklist + sneak peak of tracks!

SHINee is scheduled to release their third mini-album comeback in October. New concept photos have been released.

01 Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
02 Ring Ding Dong
03 Jo Jo
04 Get Down
05 SHINee Girl
06 내가 사랑했던 이름

Newly released teaser photos have fans shocked at the drastic change. The boys wave good-bye to their bright and colorful skinny jeans and hello to more dark and mature colors, fit for winter. Their clothing is not the only change that has fans pondering, “What was the stylist thinking”.

A new concept obviously means new hair style. Key goes from strawberry blonde to black in a Star Trek style bowl cut. Jonghyun dyes his hair blonde and Onew goes for a choppier spike style.

Be sure to check out the upcoming album, “2009, Year of Us” on October 19th and see the full concept. You can expect the boys to show more of their vocal skills in a more mature style.

cr: Debbz @ OMGkpop

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