[news] Shinee Vogue Girl Mag. Interview (SJ mentioned)

VG: Isn’t it informed to you the day before? (She’s talking about when SHINee won their award on MB on their comeback day)

Key: It has always been on the day itself.

Jonghyun: We were already happy to be candidates, but in the end we really got first! We got a shock but were also very very happy. It just so happened that the Super Junior sunbaenims were around, and they sincerely congratulated us and were happy for us. The sunbaebims were also teary too.

Key: I was trying hard to contain my tears on stage but the moment I got off stage I started crying.

Minho: I felt like crying when I saw Super Junior sunbaenim. I was very touched to receive the sunbaenims’ well wishes.

Source: 闪耀星球(smshinee.ifensi.com)
Chinese Translation: showerlin@闪耀星球
English Translation: atlantis-x
Credits: SHINee Forums

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