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090703-090709 KTR Segments

The ghostly incident in Leeteuk and Donghae’s room
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, tell you a secret, there’s a ghost in our room~
Eunhyuk: …….. ah?
Leeteuk: Recently, I often get pressed down by a ghost. Donghae and I share the same room right, lately me and him experienced being pressed down by the ghost at the same time. Both of us shut the lights, and fell asleep while talking, in my dream my body could not move, and suddenly there was a woman by my right ear who made an ‘ah!’ sound, immediately woke up. Following that, Donghae woke up with a start, he said “Hyung… there’s a woman under my bed…..”
Eunhyuk: When we were living in our previous dormitory, I also experienced it once.
Leeteuk: uh yes.
Eunhyuk: I’ll talk about it another time.
Leeteuk: You said in the past, before the ghost presses on you, you can hear noises coming from outside your room……
Eunhyuk: You can hear the sounds right?
Leeteuk: yeah, the sound of footsteps, coming closer to me step by step
Eunhyuk: It’s really scary, I’ll talk about it another time.
Leeteuk: Seems like that female ghost moved together with us.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, living in the same dormitory as us.

The Story of Eunhyuk and His Girlfriend
Eunhyuk: One winter, I was sitting side by side with my girlfriend, I saw some mucus dripping from her nose, it was just a little, but sitting beside her, I could see it very clearly. We were near the mirror at the train station, so I purposely faced the mirror and wiped my nose trying to get her to notice, but she only stared at me, and didn’t even take a look at herself, it was really frustrating.
Guest: Earlier on you said you were at the train station… Were both of you going on a trip by train?
Eunhyuk: Hahaha, it’s not like that, there’s a train station near our house.
Leeteuk: Where, where?
Eunhyuk: At our place, at Ling Gu*, there really is one
Guest: Ling Gu station?
Eunhyuk: Near our house, would be the Ling Gu station, it’s true.
Guest: At that time, where were you getting ready to take a train to?
Eunhyuk: What business is it of yours?
Guest: Where were you going on a cold winter’s day?
Eunhyuk: It was cold, and we were passing by so we went there to avoid the wind.
Guest: A winter holiday?
Eunhyuk: This is my friend’s story okay?

*陵谷 in Chinese, I couldn’t find the Korean name of the place, so I used the hanyu pinyin

3. Someone does not pull up their pants zip…
Eunhyuk: In our group, before going on stage for a performance, there is a member who often does not check his pants zip….
Leeteuk: Who?
Eunhyuk: do we have to say their name?
Leeteuk: just say, it’s okay.
Eunhyuk: Mr K……
Leeteuk: hehe, Kangin.
Eunhyuk: He often does not check, sometimes on stage, if we see it we would yell at him “Hyung!!” and make him zip up, he needs to check properly.
Leeteuk: exactly.

Eunhyuk = World’s most sexy man?
Leeteuk: If someone were to say you looked like somebody, whose name would you want to hear? Is it Won Bin?
Eunhyuk: No, no, can it be a foreigner?
Leeteuk: Sure.
Eunhyuk: Brad Pitt.
Leeteuk: This won’t do…
Eunhyuk: I have never ever heard anyone say I look like him.
Leeteuk: You’re alike, really alike, grow a tiny mustache on your left jaw and you will look exactly like him.
Eunhyuk: That’s right, so from now onwards, I’ve not shaving my mustache.

Concert VCR
Leeteuk: A few days ago, we stayed up late filming the concert VCR, and it was a scene in the rain. We were in the rain and saying “Although its tiring, but in the future this will be a good memory”, so we continued filming, our challenge was a martial arts movie. Hahahaha, please await the concert.
Eunhyuk: Hahaha, you should start awaiting now.
Leeteuk: Heheheheheheh, in the fighting segment, I flew up in the air.
Eunhyuk: I heard it got cut off.
Leeteuk: Is it…. When I was filming, the people at the scene were laughing like mad.
Eunhyuk: Of course, it’s really hilarious.
Leeteuk: The rest of the people got hit twice before falling to the ground, leaving only me, making threatening gestures.
Eunhyuk: Haha, you’re really shallow.

TVXQ at Tokyo Dome
Leeteuk: A few days ago, TVXQ created history by holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome. Performing at the Tokyo Dome is the dream of countless Japanese singers, for TVXQ to be able to do it, as Korean singers we feel really proud, especially when looking at their photos and videos, we feel they are really good.
Eunhyuk: Really want to congratulate them, we are also very proud.
Leeteuk: Being the first to hold such a concert abroad, it’s not as easy as we think it is.
Eunhyuk: We want to work harder, and even harder, and hold a concert there soon..
Leeteuk: Where?
Eunhyuk: Tokyo Dome. Its feels like we’re not very far (from that goal), hehe.

Leeteuk’s Habit of Driving Around at 3am
Leeteuk: 2 days ago, at 3am, I suddenly had this urge to start the car and go for a drive, so I went to te park near the World Cup Stadium. When I got there I enjoyed the breeze, it felt really good, and there is a beautiful lake, one day I’ll bring you there. From where I was standing, I saw 6 trash bags in the distance, and I felt such a pretty lake shouldn’t be like this, so I thought of removing them.
Eunhyuk: You really thought of removing them?
Leeteuk: It’s true, I have no idea what came over me. When I walked over, I realize it wasn’t a trash bag, the 6 trash bags became what looked like people sleeping with blankets over them. I got more and more curious, so I walked closer to where those 6 ball like things were piled together, and I turned on my handphone light to take a look, a bunch of ducks came up from the lake unto the shore, and leaned against the tree and fell asleep. I originally thought it was a statue, so I kicked it a few times, and in a short while, one of them woke up.
Eunhyuk: They must have been thinking, who would be so irritating to disturb their sleep.
Leeteuk: How can ducks sleep in this kind of places? It gave me a scare.
Eunhyuk: How would I know this, you should know it. Who asked you to wake the duck up?
Leeteuk: Next time, I’ll bring you there, it’s really pretty, and there’s nobody there.

Eunhyuk’s Signed CD selling at a low price
Leeteuk: Earlier on the internet, we saw someone created a thread saying “Selling a signed CD by Eunhyuk”, and “It hasn’t been played after it was signed….”
Eunhyuk: Earlier on I searched for “Eunhyuk”, and this post came out “Selling Eunhyuk’s signed CD at a low price”, when he said he was selling at a low price I didn’t feel very comfortable, and it also said “Never been played before, current condition A+”. Really, looking at it doesn’t make me feel very comfortable……
Leeteuk: Selling it a low price, haha, you’re not valuable.
Eunhyuk: Don’t sell it at a low price T T, please sell it at a slightly higher price.

Leeteuk’s Fate of Love
Leeteuk: Lately, many people around me have said they want to introduce girls to me…. I rejected all of them.
Eunhyuk: How did you reject them?
Leeteuk: I’m too busy, there’s no time to meet up at all.
Eunhyuk: Maybe after a period of time, when the concert is over and you’re freer.
Leeteuk: No, I’m not suited to this kind, I want love that is fated.
Eunhyuk: Introductions by someone else can also be fate.
Leeteuk: That is man-made.
Eunhyuk: Then you say fate is meeting through public transport? A pedestrian crossing? Or…..
Leeteuk: A pedestrian crossing! It has to be like in the movies, hahahahaha…..
Eunhyuk: Then let’s say you are driving your car, and waiting at the traffic junction, and among the group of people crossing the road, your dream lover appears, what would you do?
Leeteuk: I would get out of the car.
Eunhyuk: And the people around you would be yelling “Wow, Leeteuk, Leeteuk”
Leeteuk: Then I’ll just go.
Eunhyuk: haha, just bring a cap along.

Dishonest Donghae
Eunhyuk: While we were broadcasting just now, Donghae sent a text message.
Leeteuk: He said he is listening, and that he was happy to hear .
Eunhyuk: What did he say in the text message?
Leeteuk: He said, “Tell everyone we are now in the practice studio listening to KTR while rehearsing for the concert. Must mention Donghae’s name, my KTR.” The first thing I thought after reading is, hasn’t practice already ended?
Eunhyuk: What is he doing practicing alone?
Leeteuk: Isn’t it a little selfish of you to say that?
Eunhyuk: Hasn’t he gone out?
Leeteuk: He probably heard it in the car. Honesty is the best policy.
Eunhyuk: How can he say that he is listening while practicing with the members? And he had to drag others into the picture.
Leeteuk: How is it possible to listen to a radio broadcast during practice?

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net & yurim_sj♥ @ sj-world.net

On Shimshimtapa, Shindong talked about the floral wreaths for Super Show

shindong: we had 10 floral wreaths for our con. this is first time we get that many wreaths~
shinyoung: wow great!!
Shindong: one of them is from simsimtapa radio, so i was really happy, but
there was a mistake…..on the flower, the word said ‘ To sindon! ‘ not ’shindong’!!
(’don’ means pig in korean!!)
Shinyoung: oh… hahaha that must have been a mistake!!
Shindong: I know… but the flower shop is even located in our writer’s neighborhood…
but I was happy and that will be my great memory…
Shinyoung: yeah, I think so
Shindong: ah! i have other funny stuffs
the others were from another radio and fans. the funny thing is fans send it using Han ga-in’s name for us!!
and the other 7 wreaths were for Siwon from some chairmen of enterprises.
Shinyoung: what?!! to Siwon ssi?
Shindong: yeah… all of them were from CEO of *** or chairman of *** , so it seemed that Siwon managed the business.
but those were because of Siwon’s dad who manages big business.
anyway we have to find favor in Siwon’s sight ^^ he is amazing~
Shinyoung: wow, but you know what? i prefer you to him~~
Shindong : even if i were Shindon?
Shinyoung: oh… that’s weird… haha

I thought ‘don’ meant money in korean??


090710 Leeteuk Chased by Debtors?

Eunhyuk: I went camping with strangers once, have you?
Leeteuk: I hate camping.
Eunhyuk: My mum applied for it, I didn’t even know what it was. She just said “Go play”, so I held my sister’s hand and went. My mum said, “Just stay here for 3 days and 2 nights” and left. So I blurrily spent 3 days and 2 nights with strangers.
Leeteuk: I hate going far away when I was young. Not long ago, the manager and I were walking when we passed by Apgujeong (Korea’s busiest street). I had this sense of fear all of a sudden.
Eunhyuk: Do you owe people money?
Leeteuk: No, I just felt very scared. It was the first time seeing so many people on the street since our debut many years ago. I followed the crowd and felt very terrified because I had a feeling people wanted to run towards me and punch me.
Eunhyuk: You must owe people money, try to recall.
090711 Eunhyuk Who Studied in the Library

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, when you were still a student resting during the holidays, did your parents nag at you the whole day?
Eunhyuk: Of course not, I was hardly at home during the holidays. I have always been very diligent, played soccer, studied…
Leeteuk: You studied?! Where did you study at?
Eunhyuk: The library, I am not lying.
Leeteuk: You actually went to the library?!
Eunhyuk: Yeah, even though I didn’t enter the self-study area.
Leeteuk: What library?! With whom?
Eunhyuk: Neighbourhood library… With friends. Why are you probing so much?
Leeteuk: What did you do there?!
Eunhyuk: To study!! I like to read Science-related books, explore the universe, animal world etc. I like to research on these areas.
Leeteuk: Most children who tell their parents they are going to the library, are 100% going there to play.

090712 EunTeuk — Kings of Braggarts

Eunhyuk: As of today, the both of us have started exercising for almost a month, haven’t we?
Leeteuk: Yeah, a month or so.
Eunhyuk: It is the right time for us to start feeling like our bodies have changed…
Leeteuk: Really? How is it I don’t know? You mean I haven’t been exercising properly?
Eunhyuk: Our member Kyuhyun only started exercising about 3 days ago. He came to my room in the middle of the night, making motions and gestures, trying to show off his strength. But I told him he still had a long way to go, that the effects can only be seen after a month. Now we have realised that a month is not enough. We always used to say we wish to reveal our muscles through KTR BORA or official pictures…
Leeteuk: We were dreaming.
Eunhyuk: We have been saying that for almost a year it seems.
Leeteuk: I said I would wear sleeveless shirts after I have trained up my muscles because I could feel my body changing then.
Eunhyuk: Yeah, fine (little) changes.
Leeteuk: I have been telling Heechul and Kyuhyun that, they might be able to sense it now.
Eunhyuk: I intended to reveal my muscles this Spring, but it looks like I will have to postpone it…
Leeteuk: Then when do you intend to do so?
Eunhyuk: Maybe the end of this year, if I want to train up the best muscles.
Leeteuk: You drag it, and it will be another 2 years… I can (reveal my muscles) in August.
Eunhyuk: How can you? There is only a month left.
Leeteuk: Really, I am not lying.
Eunhyuk: Then I will take a photo of your muscles in August.
Leeteuk: Sure. I can even reveal my little muscles right now. My chest, back and shoulders are all complete, only my abs are not. It is not easy to train them because I need to adjust my diet.
Eunhyuk: We are always dragging, dragging, dragging, really sorry.
Leeteuk: So it is year-end for you?
Eunhyuk: Yes, it is set.
Leeteuk: It is set for me too, end of August.
090713 Choices in Life

Eunhyuk: When I was young, I loved to eat these hotdogs sold near my house and a type of Cup Fried Rice Cakes.
Leeteuk: Oh, fried rice cakes in a cup. Were you troubled over those two things every day?
Eunhyuk: I could only spend 1000 won every day, so I could only eat one of them. After school one day, I decided to eat the hotdog, so I gave up on the Cup Fried Rice Cakes. I was near my house when I realised the door to the hotdog stall was closed. I was so angry because I gave up on my Cup Fried Rice Cakes.
Leeteuk: There was a stall near my house in the past which sold egg bread, I excitedly ran out to buy it one day, only to find myself disappointed because the stall was closed
Eunhyuk: There was also the jjajangmyeon vending van which came to the small neighbourhoods only once in a while, I would always be anticipating so badly for it.
Leeteuk: Yes.
Leeteuk: I want to eat egg bread so badly now…

090714 Eunhyuk Alone at KTV

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, have you been to the KTV alone?
Eunhyuk: Yes, once… In high school, I wanted to give my girlfriend a surprise for one of our anniversaries, so I went there alone to record myself singing the song she liked and intended to give it to her as a gift. I could simply use the machines to record with casettes just by greeting the worker at the service counter. So I went in right after, and prepared really seriously during that one hour. But when I went out, the counter uncle actually told me that he had been recording another room or didn’t help to record at all… When I spent so much effort into preparing for one hour.
Leeteuk: Yeah, you must have had many lines prepared, right?
Eunhyuk: Yeah, the next day was our anniversary, but the thought of having to go to another place is too… So I gave up, and didn’t give her a surprise for the important anniversary.
Leeteuk: How superficial…
Eunhyuk: After that, I have never been to the KTV alone… That (incident) was really a pity.

Cr: Kimseohye
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-World.net
Please do not remove credits or add in your own, thanks!

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