[NEWS]YG said that Big Bang is not a Hip Hop group!

Recently, Yang Hyun Seok of YG entertainment said in an interview ” “They’d gone through long and hard training and has grown into extremely capable musicians.”

“All I ever did was help them realize their full potentials.Watching those two, I thought I wanted to create not a boy band that fits the conventional formula but one that grows and matures on its own. Well, I guess the first step was a success.” Of the five members of Big Bang, G-Dragon and TaeYang have been with Yang the longest. They both spent over six years as trainees at YGE
He also added, “Big Bang is not a hip hop group. The only two members who have passion for hip hop music are G-Dragon and TOP.TaeYang is deeply interested in R&B, DaeSung in ballads and trot music, and SeungRi in traditional pop”

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