[Trivia] SoEul Mates' Trivia - Part 1.

Do you know how much do Kim Bum (Bummie) and Kim So Eun (Eunnie)have in common? I did a pictorial similarities of them if you have not seen it yet. Don’t be surprise. Be shocked!

Want to know more about their delicious trivia? click more. ;)

Here are direct quote translation from Bumsso (a recent blogger full of SoEulMates stuffs too)

  • Bummie and Eunnie both attend Chung-Ang University, and have classes together.
  • Bummie’s idol is Jo In Sung, and Eunnie’s idol is Ha Ji Won. Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won starred in the melodrama “What Happened in Bali”, which garnered high ratings.
  • Bummie played the role of a lovable son in “Outrageous Women”, whereas Eunnie played the role of a lovable daughter in “The Show Must Go On”
  • In “Gosa – Bloody Midterms”, Bummie was stabbed in the back by a psycho classmate, and in “Someone Behind You”, Eunnie was stabbed in the back by her psycho sister.
  • Bummie played a student in “Gosa”, unraveling the murder case in the movie. Eunnie filmed* “Fourth Period Murder Mystery”, acting as a detective to find the solve the murder mysteries.
  • Bummie was cast in the movie “71″ with Seung Ri and Yoo Seung Ho, but later had to drop due to scheduling conflicts with the drama “Dream”. Eunnie was cast* for the movie “Fourth Period Murder Mystery” with Yoo Seung Ho, but had to drop due to scheduling conflicts with the drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”. Both “71″ and “Fourth Period Murder Mystery” had a common actor – Yoo Seung Ho.
  • Bummie acted as the youth version of Song Seung Heon in “East of Eden”, and Eunnie acted as the youth version of Chae Si Ra in “Empress Chun Chu”. Both roles had many emotional scenes, showcasing their acting abilities.
  • Bummie is the model for cosmetic product “It’s Skin”, and Eunnie is the model (along with Yoona) for “Clean & Clear”.
  • Bummie was the model for Maxim Coffee, Eunnie was the model for Pocari Sweat (both beverages, although Pocari Sweat is an energy drink, but both contain caffeine right?)
  • In both of Bummie and Eunnie’s new dramas: Dream & Man Who Can’t Get Married, they are the 2nd male/female role, and they both work with their seniors: Joo Jin Mo & Ji Jin Hee respectively. And they both have a character pining for them Hong Ah Reum & Yoo Ah In respectively (Now I notice even the other actor’s names have something in common: JIN and AH).
  • Both Bummie and Eunnie had a spread in the magazine High Cut.
* Note: Because the director was changed in FPMM, the new director wanted to refilm the entire movie when So Eun had already filmed 80% of the movie already. Since she was too busy with her drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”, she dropped the movie deal. Therefore she was cast (and dropped) and filmed (but will be cut out).

source: Bumsso

pic: KBS BBF.

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