[Trivia] SoEul Mates' Trivia - Part 2.

Can’t get enough of SoEul Mates? Tempting to know more?

If you haven’t read the first trivia of SoEul Mates, click here.

And as promised here is the second trivia you don’t want to miss out (I don’t).

It is based on interview theme. Enjoy!

  • Eunnie mentioned in Boys Over Flowers behind the scenes that she hopes her future boyfriend will look at her only. Bummie mentioned in a recent magazine article that once he has a girlfriend, he will look at no one else but her.
  • Bummie said in another magazine that when he’s not working, he hopes to be with someone who can make him smile and bring him happiness. In the Bonjuk interview, Bummie mentioned that Eunnie was someone who always greeted others with a smile, and seems to be able to give others energy (make them happy).
  • During the SectionTV interview, whenever Ga Eul-yang’s name was mentioned, Bummie’s expression changed, and sometimes seemed like he was fantasizing. He claimed his ideal type was someone who was younger than him, which was different from his old answer of liking petite and older women (this was a long time ago).
  • It seems like Bummie’s expression changes a lot when Eunnie’s name is mentioned, because during the F4 Talk Special his smile was a little different when the hosts talked about Eunnie. He even knows the titles of all of Eunnie’s works.
  • During a Boys Over Flowers signing session, the host asked Bummie who left him the deepest impression, and he said it was Ga Eul-yang, and thanked everyone for naming them the Soeul couple on behalf of him and Ga Eul-yang.
  • During a concert, the host asked how he felt when he was dumped by previous girlfriends. He said he was too busy taking care of Ga Eul-yang to think about that.
  • During an interview, Gu Hye Sun was asked to choose her favorites out of F4. She didn’t pick Yi Jeong or Woo Bin, but Bummie said it was fine because he already had Ga Eul-yang.
  • During the interview at New Caledonia (the video is on tudou, I’ll fetch it soon), Minho asked Bummie “You have a scene with So Eun tomorrow, do you want to get familiarized with her?” Then Bummie took over the script book, and very shyly requested for the interview to stop.
  • Bummie mentioned that he was very glad to have worked with many female actresses such as Kim So Eun, Park Shin Hye, Go Ara… but he mentioned So Eun first, and the rest were in order. It appears So Eun made more of an impression on him, and his fellow co-star Nam Gyuri in Gosa wasn’t even mentioned.
  • During a Japan interview, Bummie said that if he got the chance he would still play the Yi Jeong character, because if he didn’t, then he would have to watch Ga Eul-yang get paired up with someone else. When asked what his ideal type was he answered: someone who is younger than him, has long natural hair, no glasses, has double eyelids, doesn’t color her nails, someone he can exercise with, and who likes to wear jeans. When asked if he would choose between love or friendship, he would choose love.

His ideal type sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it? And Eunnie skied for 10 years (which fits with the exercise thing).

Eunnie has said that Ga Eul has become a second name/nickname to her, so it makes you wonder whether Bummie is talking about Ga Eul-yang the character, or Eunnie.

We don’t know whether Bummie knew about Eunnie’s works beforehand because she’s a great actress, or he researched because of her, but the latter one makes more sense since he wouldn’t just research about a random actress he never met right?

And since Bummie would choose love over friendship, if he likes his fellow friend, he would do something about it right?

source: Bumsso

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