[News] Kara "You'll be addicted to 'brainwashing song'", 2nd album Wanna, repeating the same lyric 30 times...

This time, it’s ‘brainwashing song’.

Girl group Kara has recently challenged the k-pop industry with ‘brainwashing song’ this summer.

‘Brainwashing song’ is a new concept with more repetitive rhythm than the ‘hook song’ which had a huge impact on k-pop towards the end of last year. Songs, such as and so on, were huge hits, with electronic beats as well as repetitive words on the lyric. The title track of Kara newly released album, , has repeats of not a word, but a sentence. ‘It’s you I love’ was repeated at least 30 times, showing what ‘ultimate addictiveness’ is.

The management said “It’s not a certain word repeating, but rather, it’s a sentence repeating which makes the song sound more monotonous. But as the song goes on, as opposed to the lyric, the melody will change. They try to come up with new dance routine for every performance in order to enhance the addictive lyrics.”

A song from Kara’s second album, caught public’s attention with the ‘butt dance’ which showed the cute and sexy charm of Kara. Meanwhile, the title track became a hot issue as a ‘brainwashing song’, and is continuing the hits prior to it, such as , and .

Original Source: Hankook Ilbo
Translated by: cactus @ karaholic.com

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