[News] Kara, expressing their respect for Tiger JK-Yun Mirae “Our idol as well as role model”

Girl group Kara has expressed their respect for Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK) and Yun Mirae.

Kara had always expressed their respect towards Tiger JK and Yun Mirae since long ago, as they’ve picked the pair as their idol and role model. The story of Kara tearing after meeting Tiger JK and Yun Mirae after debuting is already famous among the fans.

Recently, Kara stated, “Tiger JK and Yun Mirae are a pair of extraordinary artists” and “Since we were young, we’ve been growing our ambition as singers listening to their songs. They’re the real idol.” They continued, “We can’t even look at them eyes to eyes, and that’s how big of fans we are” and “We’re very honoured just to be on a same show as them.”

In response to Kara’s respect, Tiger JK and Yun Mirae also thanked them. Tiger JK and Kara were guests to a same radio program on the 6th, and Tiger JK has complimented them by describing them as “hard-working and skilled”.

After talking about music with Tiger JK and Yun Mirae during the radio program, she shyly said, “Kara is an idol group, but we also love music and enjoy it,” and “Whenever we have time, we listen to it and study it. I hope people aren’t stereotyping idols”.

Furthermore, Yun Mirae was touched by Nicole, who sang a live song of Yun Mirae’s. Yun Mirae’s side revealed, “Nicole sang a song which Yun Mirae herself never sang live on the shows,” and “Yun Mirae was touched that Nicole recognized one of her hidden songs.”

Original Source: Newsen
Translated by: cactus @ karaholic.com

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