[Mp3] GDragon: Gossip Man (ft. Kim Gun Mo) from HEARTBREAKER [FULL]


He wrote this song to talk about the pain he suffered from all the rumors and gossips about him, it's not all fun and game being GDragon you know, the more talented and famous you are, the more holes people wants to poke through you. Let the boy be goddamn it, he is an artist, he deserves the right to express himself however the hell he wants, if he wants to wear a shirt of a naked lady then he will, poking your nose in his life and putting him down doesn't make your own life any less pathetic. He already suffered depression from all the stress to prepare for this album, I just pray that he will stay happy and know that there's many of us here who will always support him no matter what.

G-Dragon released full 'Gossip Man' song via me2DAY today, I was expecting a 30s preview like all the other ones but whoa~ when it kept playing til he said 'what's my name, gossip man' I was like ... dang! haha you never know what the hell he's gonna do next. It's also very unexpected that he did a collab with Kim Gun Mo, KGM have a very different style to the YG artists, I'm glad to see CJ artists and YG artists getting involved. I like this song.

Big Bang leader G-Dragon is releasing his first solo album!

Hitting shelves on August 18 - G-Dragon's 21st birthday - Heartbreaker has been a long time coming as it was originally scheduled for April, but it's been well worth the wait. Having crafted many of Big Bang's biggest hits, the talented idol lays down the rhymes and beats, updating the Big Bang sound for his solo effort. Title song Heartbreaker continues G-Dragon's style of tongue-twisting rap, catchy beats, and electronic arrangements. Though he's flying solo this time, G-Dragon did team up with other YG Entertainment labelmates and musicians on the album, including Jin Jung for the mid-tempo ballad Butterfly, Teddy and 2NE1's CL for What's Up, KUSH for She's Gone, and 2NE1's Dara for Hello. G-Dragon also crossed over with veteran singer Kim Gun Mo in the exciting collaboration Korean Dream, bringing together two trend-setting K-pop superstars of different generations.
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    go gdragon! we will all support you!

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