[TRANS] 090807-090813 Sukira Transcripts

1. 090807 Members, don’t leave us behind!M/strong>
LT: Today our members all went to Busan, only Eunhyuk and I didn’t go…
EH: Yeah T-T
LT: I thought they’d just look at the ocean and then come back, turns out they still have a route (as in a tourist route, places to visit) tomorrow so they’re going to stay there a night and then continue on the route. Donghae told me, “Hyung, I feel so down…” (Note: The second day is August 8th, Donghae’s father’s day of commemoration)
EH: I admire them (as in admire their life) so much.
LT: Oy, hurry up and come back.

2. 090807 Soccer skills! Eunhyuk vs Donghae
EH: To me, life without soccer would be like living a mindless and empty life. When I was in elementary school, the coach of our school team personally unearthed my talents.
LT: Soccer club?
EH: No, it was a very official school soccer team.
LT: You don’t play well at all now.
EH: Eh…now I’m not that good compared to back then……and as one gets older, can’t run as fast……if I train and practice I can still bring out my previous abilities.
LT: I don’t think you’re any different from the other members.
EH: My reflex skills are strong, right after I kick the ball I run, and I can run fast.
LT: You don’t seem that fast to me……
EH: How am I not fast?! Why are you looking down on me so much, you think I look like an anchovy so you disregard me…..
LT: We’ve played soccer before; you’ve never scored many goals.
EH: How many goals I’ve scored!!!
LT: As soon as the ball comes before you, you fall down. In the end the manager couldn’t stand the watch anymore and said, “Ya, Lee Hyukjae, get off the field.”
EH: That’s cause the ball wasn’t passed well, nobody was working with me properly. Our skill levels differ too much.
LT: The one who scores the most is still Donghae.
EH: He’s not on the same team as me…so aggravating, next time I’ll really show him what I can do.
LT: Now when we re-form teams, there’s a new team name.

3. 090808 Little Leeteuk, is the ocean really so boring?
LT: Once when I was really young I went to play with friends by the ocean. Then, I kept saying I didn’t want to go into the water and acted all arrogant. All my other friends were all playing so happily and excitedly and called for me to go but I just refused to go.
EH: Hahaha, such a young child shows such an arrogant side.
LT: My mom also told me to go so I thought alright, since we were already here I mind as well go. As soon as I decided everyone had played enough and were coming up so I said I’d play a little and then come back.
EH: Everyone was getting ready to leave? Then you wanted to go? Life is always like this.
LT: And then I went. The waves came round by round and it was more fun than I thought it’d be. I regretted not coming down sooner. As I thought, my right leg suddenly cramped up. Usually, one should stretch out the leg, but it cramped so suddenly that I couldn’t move at all. And so I was there by myself holding my right leg letting the waves crash into me, coming out of the water with an uncle, and waited on the sand for my leg to get better before rejoining the group.
EH: When you go out with a group, you shouldn’t do things by yourself. You have this bad habit even now.
LT: I do not. I went and found my mom, although it was pretty fun I purposely acted all disinterested “Aiyo, went for a round by myself.
EH: You purposely dampen spirits. If you were my son I’d definitely beat you.
LT: It’s all in the past.

4. 090809 Among the members, the last person to get married…?
LT: I’ve once thought about this issue. We don’t have that many members, out of the 13 of us just who will get married first.
EH: Oh, this is something we discuss once in a while too.
LT: If we get married one by one, then the last one left…will probably be extremely depressed.
EH: Hahaha, there’s nobody who doesn’t want to get married among us, we should all get married…but who will be the last one.

5. 090809 Leeteuk hit his sister!
LT: When I was little, my sister was taller than me. If I ever get bullied outside and come back in tears, my sister always charges out angrily. When I was little, I always listened to what she said and did whatever she told me to do. But when middle school began, when puberty began, whenever my sister tried to take care of me I would act all impatient. I’ve even hit her before…my sister cried and said, “Never thought you’d become like this.”
EH: You were really horrible.
LT: Like this our relationship drew apart.

6. 090810 Bored Donghae
LT: The funny material that we sometimes say, if you search a bit on the internet, you can find a whole bunch of videos of compiled cuts. I also often watch them. One day when I came out after showering, Donghae was in the room by himself laughing.
EH: We seem to talk a lot about Donghae lately, he’s been too bored (as in too much free time) lately.
LT: I asked him what he was laughing at and he said KTR is too awesome, too funny, too interesting, and said that you and I were like two crazy people.
EH: He’s also said that to me, he said it’s like we keep on dragging along the time. We’re always so serious and concentrated, how can he say we drag along the time.
LT: He says after we finish reading the messages from listeners we say a bunch of useless things, such as “Eunhyuk, what thoughts do you have regarding this song title?” Donghae said we’re really weird like this but also really funny.
EH: This is called KTR’s charm.
LT: We look like we’re just playing, but we’re actually hosting with a feeling of heart to heart with everyone.
EH: We always do it in the way that makes everyone most relaxed so that everyone can be most relaxed.
LT: Our cheerful atmosphere also makes listeners cheerful.

7. 090811 Sungmin’s leg injury
LT: The first day of our concert, we let out a shout and then ran out together, although we didn’t even really know what direction we were going in. I was prepared to run to my spot but the security guards were protecting me a lot. I said I could walk by myself but the road was really dark and I was wearing such thick and heavy clothing, just at that very narrow place……I fell……hahaha. It hurt a lot then but it was very funny. I sat there laughing as the security guard shined a flashlight on my leg and I just kept laughing. Donghae said I was very useless.
EH: Yeah, last time when Sungmin fell on the Music Bank stage, we didn’t see right then either, only saw him sit there and not get up. Then we ran over and asked him if he was too embarrassed to stand up or if it hurt too much to stand up.
LT: That’s right, we were all asking like that.
EH: Aiya, we all asked like that, but he really couldn’t get up because he was in too much pain.
LT: En, none of us knew, we even said “Sungmin-ah, don’t act so precious, it’s enough like this, get up.
EH: En, we were very apologetic afterwards, took him to the hospital and got surgery……

8. 090812 Days without a plan
LT: Eunhyuk, when did you get up today?
EH: Today ah……accurately said it should be…..2:30.
LT: So early.
EH: I was very diligent today.
LT: It’s actually kind of embarrassing to say……I woke up at 4:30……because I slept at around 9 this morning.
EH: I slept pretty late too, today I wanted to go with Sungmin to watch a movie. We’ve never gone during the day and thought that on Wednesday there wouldn’t be that many people, so we went without ordering tickets. When we got to the theatre we saw the huge number of people and so we came back without watching anything.

Source: www.cyworld.com.cn/kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by Fever @ sj-world.net
Please do not re-translate, take out with FULL credits

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