[news] 2PM, ‘Animal-Idols’ who elder sisters (Noona) are crazy about. What is their identity?

2PM, an idol singer group, who has created the new word, “Animal-idols (Animal + idol)”, is getting more popular, and in particular elder sisters are really crazy about the group. Female entertainers including Lee Sooyoung, Baek Jiyoung, Yuri and Kyeon Miri spoke frankly about their great interests in 2PM in various show programs. For instance, Lee Sooyoung said in a show, “When he (Jaebeom) touches his hair, biceps of his arm are…” and pretended to get fainted. On TV show “Entertainment Relay” airing on August 22nd, Jaebeom, who appeared in the part of the show called “Star who is loved by stars” said “You (elder sisters) are always welcome. You can touch me at all times”, some of women watched it and got fainted.

Then, what is the real identity of such “Animal-idols” who every woman fall in love with? To make a long story short, their identity is revealed by their ironical physical appearance such as a masculine body with a white and cute face. Their tough and manly figures from head to toe are just “showing-off” for women, fabricated by advertisers and trend marketers.

Maybe some women don’t like this style, saying “their style is not elegant.”However, Jaebeom, Nichkhun and Wooyoung are so cute and adorable that women can feel mother’s affection to them. That’s why Jaebeom’s height doesn’t matter to women who love him. Besides Jaebeom who has both manly and childlike characters, 2PM also has another item, Taecyeon, who is better fit to “Animal-idols” as a whole. In his performance, Taecyeon can achieve both rap and dance as if a beast growled. Just a reminder that this is only about his performance on stage. Not only does he show off his manly charisma on stage, sweating at his ‘circus-like’ acrobatic performance, but also he is cute, hilarious, and can attract other’s attention with his charms outside of the stage. Wooyoung’s nickname is “AngAng (barking sound of a puppy).” Sometimes he dances in a comical way (people named it “cheap dance”.)

Therefore, don’t judge 2PM by only focusing on their animal side.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jaebeom! i love him too!
    so sexy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    love all of the members...they are have different talents n really2 sexy n masculine...n they really funny...love this kind of idol...sexy,masculine,handsome, n also funny n crazy...hahahhaa

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