[news] Group 2PM is getting focused on fashion magazine "W" showing their masculine charms

This photoshoot were taken by a photographer named Jo Sunhee. With Different feels from other magazines which showed a masculine image of 2PM as a whole group, in
this photoshoot they tried to focus individual's masculine charms with strong and dramatic portraits instead of group pictures.

With this different kind of concept, while the photoshoot is published to the public, it has got a great reaction from fans. It’s also getting famous through many bloggers.

Because of these well-received responses, 'W' decided to open to the public the pictures that weren't supossed to be in the magazine.

The photoshoot staff said "Inspite of a hot, rainy weather, 2PM had to wear thick clothes but when they started the shooting they showed their strong image like a professional. Even they were in a busy schedule they showed a surprising great skills of concentration."

2PM's photoshoot will be on 10 pages of 'W' magazine on September issue, and the videos during the photoshoot will be released on the 'W' website starting on the 26th.

Credit : Kor - Eng by Lauren@Madam2PMsubs, Eng - Thai by Petite24@2PM-Online.com, Coordinator: Cassina@2pm-online Shared on soompi.com/forums

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  1. Anonymous says:

    they hot in everything they dress <33

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree #1...they really hot n sexy idoll...love it...

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