[news] Idol group members and their siblings, “the good looks runs in the family”

Idol group members who are proud of their looks – how would their family members look like too? It really all runs in the genes.

On various online portal sites, many netizens uploaded photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, 2NE1 Sandara Park and Big Bang TOP’s siblings, gaining attention of the netizens.

First there was TaeYeon’s elder brother. Netizens said, “He looked like TaeYeon even in just one look at him. Especially his laughing expression looks so much like her.” Netizens also commented on how features like conplexion, eyes, nose and lips runs in their family.

Next is Sandara Park’s younger brother (Park SangHyun). He looked alike to Sandara Park for his cute-looking and lovely look. Netizens say, “They should do a duet together”, “He’s cute and goodlooking” etc

TOP’s elder sister (Choi HyeYoon) has also been the netizens’ hot topic. The 2 siblings have been called the example of ‘beauty genes run in the family’ – with the same huge eyes, and sharp features. She is very wellknown amongst fans for her looks which are so much like an entertainer – she receives more than 2K views to her minihompy everyday.

Netizens say, “Family of idols are outstanding from just their looks”, “It is good to just think about living in a family of goodlooking family members”. etc.


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