[news] update on Wonder Grls/Sunmi's UFO replies!

Hello everybody!
Today was last day off of our concert tour.
We moved here Canada after finishing last performance in Cleveland , US.
We took a tour bus ride for 12 hours and now I am in Montreal.
Wow if we finish 3 concerts in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa tomorrow, all of our concert tours that are about 50 concerts for 2 months will be done. Time really flies.
I can perform up to now thanks to the fans I meet and have korean food while our concert tour. Thanks a lot!
After finishing all concert tours here, we will come back to New York and do our best for our new album. Please support us.
This long tour will be my another happy experience in my life.
I miss you all fans.
Take care and I will always pray for you guys!
Thank you!!

Translation: SangSoo and Angelkamille@Wonderfulsworld.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    new album? :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah new album?! yay!! cant wait!!! happy! happy!!

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