[Cyworld] Leeteuk's Cy : Should I shave again?

Diary Entry – 2009.09.14 월(2009.09.15 02:56)..

Coming up with a hair style is seriously tough..ㅋㅋㅋ

..What kind of hairstyle should I do next..

..This and that, I’ve tried it all so..mm…

..Should I shave it off again..ㅋㅋ

2009.09.15 Mood: Yearning

..Now once again..

..We’ll show you our strength..

..There`s Only you and Only me..


..Is it alright if I love (you)..

Diary Entry – 2009.09.14 월(2009.09.15 05:45)..

I looked at photos..starting from when I debuted in 2005..


..There were sometimes I smiled by myself..

..Sometimes tears came out without me even knowing it..

..Memories kept flashing across my mind one by one..

..Seemed like just yesterday..already 4..almost 5 years I’ve been a singer..

..I made sure that, if I slept and woke up every day, it can’t be a dream..

..Everyday I was happy..and within that happiness I was worried..

..I tried to shake away those worries and.. in order to fly even higher..

..I told myself..on stage..for performances or whatever, I’d think of it as my last..

..I wanted to work like crazy..I wanted to be modest and kind like crazy..

..I still have the mentality that I did on Novemer 6, 2005..

..I still want to fly higher..I want to work harder and go crazier..

..I want to become more modest and kind..

..It’s just that time is passing is a bit.. a bit of a shame..

..As time passes, it seems like my loneliness is only getting greater..

..I just really.. really a lot.. seriously a lot… really…

..Miss (it).. miss (it).. miss (it)…ah..idiot…ㅜㅜ

From: 박정수 cy
Trans: rocket @ sj-world.net
Thanks for posting & pics: viragis & excentrique

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