[news] 2pm Jaebeom apoligizes for myspace comments!

2pm's Jaebeom apologizes after myspace comments back in 2005 was dug up by nosy netizens: Here's the real story people:

Hello everyone this is 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize on behalf of the comments I had made through Myspace a few years ago. I’m sorry.

As I tell all of you about how I felt that time, I also would like to apologize. In January of 2005, I came to Korea as a high school student. I was born in the States and I had insufficient knowledge of how Korea is. Being it my first time, I couldn’t communicate with others, my taste buds didn’t fit, and I barely knew the culture which I couldn’t understand. I felt as though I was treated coldly by the people around me as my family was left in the States. It was such a difficult situation where I didn’t even know if I was going to debut. Due to many hardships, things were getting too hard and I was getting lonely being homesick. I had the thoughts of quitting and I wanted to go back to my family in the States. The comment based on the Korea part: I wrote that because of my personal situation I was placed in and my emotions took over. I was too young and said things in the wrong words. I was too foolish, young, and facing difficulties where I made the mistake into turning my surroundings worse. Time passed by and I forgot that I had even written them. I am now embarrassed and truly sorry of those comments I had made. After that time, I had adjusted to everything and my thoughts have changed tremendously as I thank the people around me to get me to perform on stage in any situation. Those comments were made four years ago, but I am a different person now. To my family, Hottests, members of 2PM, and those who love 2PM, I am truly sorry. From now on, I hope that there will be no mistakes like this ever again. I will say it one more time that I am truly sorry.

-2PM’s Jaebum-

Source: 2oneday

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  1. Minako says:

    So this is true ._.
    But I think it's ok, everyone makes mistakes.
    At least he don't think that way now and apologized.
    You can tell how much he loves his 2PM members ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    jaebeom fighting!
    i still love him the way i did!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i still think people made this bigger than what it is... but ohhh wellll i still love him! XD

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, its th 2oneday forum that I read up before dkp post it up. Thanks.

  5. tahrehsi says:

    Such sincere respond from him.. and it is true... People make mistake and I'm glad he actually confronted everyone and told the TRUTH! I'm not really a 2pm fanatic, but doesn't mean I don't like them either~~~ But reading his apology makes me think of him as a new PERSON! A better Jaebum and more mature as a LEADER of 2PM.

  6. Anonymous says:

    booooooooooo mofos

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow i feel bad for him to hav to apologize like this. people should just look at him now and realize themselves that what he said FOUR YEARS ago has clearly changed... jeez some people just... ugh anyway im still glad that he took this into consideration and cleared out everything. i love u jay no matter what~

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is the man!

  9. Anonymous says:

    jeez..Jae Bom is the BEST!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    i wish i could see him in real life when he's back as a whole new person!
    im in the same boat as him..moving to the U.S. from Vietnam 4 yrs ago so i kinda understand how he feels. i'll always support you Jay!
    Sigh, my dream of being an entertainer is crusheedddd

  11. Anonymous says:

    well, let me introduce myself in a short time
    this is mita from indonesia..and this is the 1st time i wrote something like this.
    I'll confesed to y'all that I've never been a fan of 2pm..and all of korean bands, cos i watch too much MUSE, U2, and all of those western rock bands and boybands(when I was a teenager). :)
    But apparently, last March my parents gave this cable TV programs to our home..and so my eyes were caught in the korean programs. I watched all the entertaiments and stars brightly shining on the TV..including this one boyband..2pm.

    First time, I didn't really notice them..cos I didn't really get into this boyband-girlbands thingy. But after a while, i started to listen to them, and start to know them better. It's a fun times just hangin' around and listen to 'em. So, when i start to enjoy them, listen to 'em, and know 'em with all of their hardwork, this news came out in all of a sudden. And I start to concern about 'em, and jay spesifically. To be honest..I've never search news about a boyband this much before! hahaha...:)

    wow, what a shocking news! In a sudden, he (jay) just got left korea for his home back there in US. so sad, i know you guys were feeling so sad..and wanna cry all the times remembering what a short moment that he had.

    I know what it's like..it's like you guys losing a friend, even thou he's not your real friend in your real world. But being there right in front of y'all, singing on the stage..is just like it's your friend up there! singing for you!

    I never knew what it's like to be a star, to be a musician and standin' up there on the stage, and show 'em pipol what you got in you. But, when I think of it..it must be a really thrillin' momment! it's like a mix of fears and excitements! with all of them fans and audiences, lookin' at ya, and just screamin' for whatever u doin' up there.

    But in the other hands, when it all came down to your life as a star, who was loved by so many pipol, your private life is like being stopped ..cos you barely can't have it in your life as a star. Just like this story, jay's story.

    And i send this message just for you Jay. I'm not a fan of you and your boys, but I do.. as a long distance-unknowned friend of you..*haha*..:p I do concern and care about your feelings, your family, the boys, friends, and fans feelings.

    What i want to tell you is..just wake up, dude! Don't you get it?! You and I and all those fuck*n pipol out there are just not perfect! we r the same dude. Do u need an examples?! look..I've made my mistakes for being rude to my mom and dad..so many pipol goes to jail for murdering, stealing, hijacking..or whatsoever..and even KANYE WEST did sumthin' real stupid on the VMA's..but what we do as a human with all of the capabillities that lays in us is we learn to forgive. Forgive yourself dude...what is really important is accepting what u are.. there's nothin' in this world that were made perfect..even us..you, and me, and them..

    What can make us perfect? what can make you..and I..and all of the human being in this world perfect..is to look into each others eyes whos standing beside you, and knowing that they knew who you are, and what you're capable of..and made them believe that you can do sumthin' real for em. That..will make you a real human.

    Stand for yourself, pal! That's the first thing to do...Don't think about 2pm, or fans, or JYP, or whatsoever...just stand up for yourself first dude! and face it like a man! face it like a warrior! Face your fears and prove to the world what kind of human u are! Face it! I'm together with you, pal..we can walk through this together..Just stick to it..just stick to it..

    Sincerely, your long-distance-unknowned friend *haha*


  12. Anonymous says:

    See, Jae bom's awesome!!!!
    I wish he didn't have to leave ㅠㅠ
    Anyways,..i..we love u alot!!!

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