[news] 2pm's Jaebum calls Korea "gay". Scandal ensues.

Popular group 2PM's Park Jaebum posted negative comments on Myspace about Korea and Koreans.

In 2005, where Jaebum was still a trainee of JYPE, he wrote:"Korea is gay" and "I don't like Koreans" and "I want to go back to the US"

He also wrote: "Koreans aren't normal, they think that my low-level rapping is great, they're really stupid". He debuted in 2007, but apparently he didn't
like his clothes style and wrote: "This is like my gay version"

He also cursed badly cursed Rain, who ended his contract with JYP.

Netizens commented with:
-"An American who came to America to make money"
-"Hurry up and go back to your own country!", "The second Steven Yoo (Yoo Seung Jun)"
-"Now we know how Korean-Americans feel about us."

Koren source:dongA
Translation: parkjinyoung at omona_prection

DKP authors note: This was way back in 2005... maybe something made jay upset or some korean insulted him or something we never know.. .there's a reason why he came to say this back then. but that was years ago... a lot can change in 4-5 years... a person can change in months!!!!

I dont think the reason why he like koreans now is because he's famous.. i mean.. he loves his 2pm-mates like brothers... he was still younger back then...

and then again: snoopy netizens should get a life and stop digging through idols past life... the past is past.... we should think of now...

I love 2pm boys :) and even after i read this ... this havent changed how i see jay.. he's still the cutest 2pm leader for me XD

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  1. janelovestop says:

    wtf, the netizens need to stop making a big deal out of every single thing an idol says or does.

    jay said this WAY BACK in 2005, think about the stress he was dealing w/, or his home-sickness! besides 4 years ago, people say stuff they don't mean and they CHANGE and MATURE.

    seriously. netizens need to go shut up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree. netizens need to stop instigating EVERYTHING that idols say. this is pretty ridiculous because i'm sure ANYONE would feel the same way if they had to go to a different country and do what jay did. he's not doing anything wrong. stupid people... >>

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of instigators netizens are ??? are they serious look at the comments it was 4 years ago..i'm sure his opinion has changed

  4. Anonymous says:

    ...u ppl dun get it....since it was said b4 jay got famous...it makes it more believable....IF he said that...then he only likes koreans now that he's famous....he really doesn't rap well compared to ppl here... =.= neither does amber from f(x).....

  5. Anonymous says:

    we don't even know if this is really legit or not.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I kinda get what he means by that though...growing up living in the U.S....surrounded by Western culture...looking at Korean culture, music, etc. with a Western eye does make Korean things more "gay"..I can get what he means though being a Korean-American...

    Asian cultures are just different obviously..

    For instance, girls and guys can hold hands with other people of the same gender in public and that's perfectly fine..if the same thing happened in the U.S., everyone would be saying they're gay and whatnot..

    And I guess fashion styles are very different as well..I can see why he could call Korea and Koreans gay haha..

    I think the netizens should do something productive for a change..

  7. Anonymous says:

    now, koreans seriously is making a big fuss about it.
    can't they think about how jay is suffering?
    i mean, he came to korea for training, having to be unable to go home.
    try putting yourselves in his shoes.
    you probably doesn't understand the situation he's in.
    he's just expressing himselves AT THAT TIME.
    koreans.. and i thought they were good/understanding.

  8. Anonymous says:

    c'mon koreans!
    im sure his thinking had changed.
    why are thr always people trying to bring idols down.
    are you trying to gather antis?
    seriously, im pissed off.

  9. Minako says:

    Uh, I don't think it's him? o.o
    Even if it is, what janelovestop and other anonymous(s) said are true, it's way back then.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Erm, please check out at oneday's forum. Jay has alr cleared up abt this. This comment he made was 4yrs ago.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That was so many yrs back.
    well, still like jay..

  12. Anonymous says:

    C'mon ppl...your not serious are you?!

    I think those ppl who are tryin to get Jay down should really get a life..seriously just knock it off..if u havn't checked you calendars..this is 2009.

    i repeat 2009-> as in wat y'all are talkin abt was way back..dud ejsut 4ge tht epast and live the present

    JAY you got my support no matter wat..dont let htem get into you :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    sure his opinion might've changed
    but it still doesn't change the fact that he turned his back on his ppl and country and fellow brothers and sisters
    you never turn your back on ur country and ppl no matter how hard the going gets
    and ppl get it in ur Fucking head
    idols ARE ppl
    like me
    like you
    get that straight

  14. Anonymous says:

    People need to get over this. This was 4 years ago. He apologized. His statement does not define the end of the world; LETS MOVE ON.

  15. Anonymous says:

    my godness.... that was way back in which he was still new to korean culture...

  16. Anonymous says:

    Netizens get a real life of your own instead of digging other people's life
    he was just a kid back then if I was him believe me I would've done something more bad than what he did he was a teenager people so shut up ... Be Strong jay .... and he is Human been He feels so WT... you're making of it A big deal ...

  17. Anonymous says:

    please support him here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/supportleaderjaypark/
    hottest have to support him ♥

  18. Anonymous says:

    To the anonymous douchebag who posted at 3:47pm:

    His people are American. Get it straight, jackass. He didn't turn his back on anyone.

    To everyone else:

    If someone took words you wrote under stress five years ago and asked you to justify them today, I'm pretty sure that you'd tell them to piss off. So to all you who are making waves over this guy's posts, piss off.

  19. Anonymous says:

    is there a rumor that jae will leave the group? that would be so sad if that's gonna happen... come on people, jae is just a human being, and has a freedom to express everything.. just imagine living thousand miles away from the family plus living with completely strangers that cant talk much of his language and the food is totally different from what the usual (i mean, american food is totally diffrent form korean food).well i guess his explanation is acceptable!AND ALSO FOR WHOM POSTED AT 3:47..ARE YOU REALLY WITH THIS ISSUE?DONT YOU KNOW JAE WASNT BORN IN KOREA?AND HE DOESNT EVEN LIVED IN KOREA SINCE BIRTH UNTILL 2004!SO HE DOESNT TURNED HIS BACK TO ANYONE,AS A MATTER OF FACT HE WANTS TO GO BACK TO HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN US!(THATS BEING RESPECTIVE TO HIS BELOVED COUNTRY WHERE HE WAS BORN)!HE'S NOT THE PRESIDENT OF KOREA,HE DOESNT HAVE PEOPLE,HE ONLY HAVE FANS THAT LOVES HIM AND SUPPORT HIM IN KOREA!GETS?!OR SHOULD I EXPLAIN IT FURTHERMORE!KINDLY THINK HARD BEFORE YOU COMMENT,WAIT! COME TO THINK OF IT,YOU JUST COMMENT AND TELL WHAT YOU WANT,WITHOUT ANALYZING THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS!JUST LIKE JAEBUM DID,WHEN HE HAD HARD TIMES!UHHH...so,you must be the first one to understand,how did jae feels when he was writing his comments!

  20. Anonymous says:

    he had shown something basically in his mind.

    while he wrote that messages, "I hate Korean", even his young age but he still Korean.

  21. Anonymous says:

    TO ANTIS: You guys stop hating on Jaebum, okay? That was 4 years ago and before he even became famous. He didn't speak must korean, so of course he has a reason to say something. he was probally lonely and had no one to talk to. I mean i would be mad too. You know being a trainee is a very tough thing.

    I mean not every one is perfect. You can't expect him to have an angelic reputation. Jaebum is a human being, he makes mistakes. you guys should be able to forgive him.


  22. Anonymous says:

    people need stop ruining jaybum ..that was long time ago..Jay WAS ALONE...
    he didnt even have a friend to talk .At that time for sure he was upset beuzz there were so many bad things happening to him..that's not a big deal.
    Gay is nothing..sometimes i use to call my friends is guy ,too
    so wat...?
    they're better shut the fuck up..so mad
    support Jaybum

  23. Anonymous says:

    yaaahhh~~ it happened 4 years ago!! people make mistakes besides, he just came to korea that time. plus, he must have problems adapting new environment, culture and so on. ahahaha.. i dont understand why those people tried to pull him down. aish,,

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ppl who go against Jay, pls get a life. As wad some ppl said, Human do make mistakes but not everyone have the guts to admitted and apologised, right? Some of you( ppl who go against Jay ) might not have the guts to admit sth that you have done wrongly. But Jay admitted his mistake and is to the whole world not only to Koreans. How many ppl could do that? People around you might call each other 'Gay', but why don't you all scold the person who call you 'Gay'? Some of you still think is fun. But why when Jay said that you all have to get so angry about it? Unless you think that what he said is true. If Jay really mean wad he said, he will not stay in Korea for so long and whats more, 5years. He had already changed and can't ppl changed? Someone come out from the prison has the opportunity to change but why can't Jay?
    This has happened 5years ago and Jay already apologised, what do you all want him to do? Go back to USA? Can you all give a thought to him and 2PM and more? If someone bang onto you on the street and he apologised, few years later, you remember the incident and got angry with it, are you going to find the person and give him a scolding again? No right, thats Stupid.
    He as a leader, lead the group and made Korea proud. You think he like getting scolded and said by people? EVEN HE IS AMERICAN OR KOREAN OR WAD, HE IS STILL A HUMAN. Put yourself in his position, if you are Jay, you apologised but everyone is still calling you names and asking to go back to USA, will you be happy? Even if you said you will not do what he had done, den i give you another example. If your loved ones did sth wrong and ask for forgiveness but everyone still scold your loved ones, what will you do? Try to comfort those ppl rite? So please stop everything and forgive him, even you can't do it, then treat it as nth has happened, can? 5 YEARS AGO STUFF, DUN BE PETTY.


  25. Anonymous says:

    a pint is not a time, not when he said,
    the point is, he blame even his race, his country.
    whatever happen to him, that word is extremely bad, and too much, to blame other.

    you can blame anything, blah blah blah, but not your own race, your own nation!

  26. fadya says:

    yes, i agree with u. its kinda hard for korean to accept what he did. and it will be hard for himself too. pity them. no matter what, ill support 2PM!! fighting~~ :)

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    Netizens can suck balls cuz they have no lives. First of all, 2005 fuckers! That was when he was still a trainee! OBVIOUSLY when you're a trainee you experience stress and anger because you practice EVERYDAY from morning till night mixed with school homework! OBVIOUSLY he'd be like "korea and koreans suck" cuz he's fucking tired you netfuckers! Its the exact same thing as saying "This school sucks, i hate the teachers!" especially when its all about work work work! JEEZ do people not have a conscience these days!?! i mean you just ruined his dream, his fans, embarrassed his family/friends and 2pm! UGH!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I SUPPORT JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KOREANS REALLY LOOK LIKE GAYS......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  30. Anonymous says:


    LATELY there's a news telling that B2ST wants the 2PM's title...


    something FISHY!!!!!!!!

    jaeboom please comeback..............

  31. Anonymous says:

    WTF!!seriously that was like years ago..All the insane netizen shuld go get a life, and take the whole bottle of chill put pills!They just to oversensitive abt jae's comment. That post was made in early of 2pm debut so he might suffer from homesickness and c'mon he spent his whole life in the states before!for sum ppl it must be really hard for them to adjust into the new rules and society.The western and asian culture is completely different!and jae's wasn't mature enough at that time. to all the insane netizen, STFU!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Why is there so much Violence. Violence doesn't solve anything, they makes more Violence. I agree half of what others said and sometimes things just get realistic. Beside, it's called Free Speech of Rights in USA. LOL....Well, people got to make better decision so they won't have problems.

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    now i understand why a lot of celebrities in Korean were suicide. This is totally crazy... what is wrong with those people.:(

  35. Anonymous says:

    Christina lee

    well all should be happy for Jay....maybe you don't know how he feels right now so well all should be sorry and just Pray for Jay!

    Jay...if your reading this,i just want you to know that God has plans for you do something that change your mind...but first you should pray about it...hope you have a nice life!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Jay oppa...
    please come back!!!
    ignore da anties!!!!
    be yourself...
    be strong...
    remember that we (fans) & God behind you...
    support you...
    saranghaeo Jay oppa...

  37. Anonymous says:

    I not a fan. Just passing through.

    But I have to ask - is there more to this?

    This guy calls Korea gay 5 YEARS AGO and people are getting pissed NOW??

    This jaebum is a moron for posting it.

    Koreans are idiots for failing to understand CONTEXT.

    And if KOreans think they should stand together and united and never have a decent - they need to take a good look at their corrupt government and corporations. NO ONE THERE IS WATCHING OUT FOR YOU. You little guys going wild about some dumb singer trying to make a few bucks. Sure, OK hes stupid and gay...

    Why arent you guys focusing on the corruption of your own community and government. They are turning on you and raping you for billions.

  38. Anonymous says:

    HELLOOOO, JAY IS NEITHER A MORON NOR A DUMB SINGER. PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUPPORT AND STAND UP FOR WHO THEY WAN RITE. WHATS UR POSITION TO COMMENT ABOUT HIS SUPPORTERS LIFE??? if you say they should be focusing on the corruption of their own community and government, then may i noe what are you here??? Since you care about the community and government, den you should be caring for urs and not doing here.

    Gay means Happy

  39. Anonymous says:

    miss your laugh with your buddies! come back to 2pm please! dont listen to your destructors.... give your ears and heart to those people whos waiting patiently for you! to those people loves you truly..... and to those people staying outside JYP's building, just to show you how much they are suffering for leaving the group!

  40. Anonymous says:

    fuck up netizens only know how to move their fuck up mouth!!!
    just stop said stupid things!!!
    they nver understand how artist feel so just shut ur fuck up mouth
    AND stop insult or injured jaebum
    jaebum stand strong we love you:)))))))))

  41. Youri Kim says:

    Everyone makes mistakes. Nonetheless, Jay went through the embarrassment of confessing and apologizing to the public about the offensive comments that he had made. 2pm is an amazing group, especially under their leader Jay.
    I support Jay! come back! we miss you
    support Jay at petition spot!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Jay did apologise and he even did stand up to make everything clear,he didn`t even hide from the truth! But what the netizens wants from him? Netizens are crazy, over 3000 of netizens even bother to sign a petition to ask jaebum to commit suicide? WTF? They might as well jump together, signing a retarded petition. Who do not have a bad past, or even to say who didn`t gain knowledge through life growing as someone. anyway, that is 4years ago, who do not grow! Even prices are rising from years to years! -.- i think netizens are far way too ridiculous!!!
    Whatever it is, it also doesn`t change my view of jaebum in any ways, i love jaebum dance and singing,its great. He is talented in the music industries, support jaebum back to 2pm! (:

  43. Anonymous says:

    they are sooo over reaction about this whole thing... i mean they also say bad things about people too, right? i mean because they are famous doesn't mean that they aren't people like us with feelings too.....he tried soo hard in Korea and all and he gave joy to us with being the leader of 2pm and singing.... people who say bad things about him should apologize to him right away because he apologized for the my space incidence....

  44. Anonymous says:

    jay is very much influenced by the western culture.. all of the sudden, he has to get used to the eastern thingie.. that's abit tough for him.. but, he, knowing that one day he would wana b a star in korea, should never have written this stuff.. but who noes, mayb he was under pressure n needed to let it out? i mean, it's quite risky to write these stuff on net and hope that ppl would not find out abt it.. so, although the koreans ARE really making a big fuss out of it; i would say jay has to be responsible for wat he has done.. no offence to jay's fans.. merely sharing some views...

  45. Anonymous says:

    I don't like him but I don't think it's a big deal too

  46. Anonymous says:

    all i can say is i am an african american girl...and i hear a lot about racism online and i mean....it's like all over the world. i dont think jay is racist or nothing but i do see how saying something like that could make people of that rce angry or sad. But I think they are blowing it out of poportion though.....i mean if only these korean people came to america.....they would see racism everyday....but they are acting like it's so new to them.....*says GOD! like Napoleon Dynamite*

  47. Anonymous says:

    FOR REALLL tho those fucken people who got this shit way back when need ta get a fucken life, FUCKEN shit dude he korean so he prolly just playing I be saying that UGH viet ppl get on my nervse and im viet so what? people need to stop taking shit like this seriously, yall ruin a person's career over something so little. i hope the people that dig this shit up no that they need to get a fucken LIFE. for real tho

  48. Anonymous says:

    honestly i'm not trying to defend the "netizens" and i don't know who they are. but it seems to me the way you guys speak about them is that they are a group of paparazzis' and even if they are digging shit up like this and posting it on the internet is only for them to have a living and ruin other people's lives. let them be because soon enough they'll screw themselves over and noone would want to listen to them anymore. and yes people do change that's why they should have just dropped the damn subject about jay and let him live...it's wrong to attack a young artist in such manner.

  49. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHA...anyways! don't be upset korean people but korean really looks like a gay haha., sorry but that's the truth...that is based on my own views i'm an asian and not american and my younger brother also noticed it, i think it's just on style and their looks cause they are really beautiful haha...just accept the fact and forget the past...you can't blame that person who said it...actually i'm not a fan of him...but based on the news, omg! that is so ridiculous...success! anti fans! you made it! now, you destroy his career...actually not fair to him...are you happy? you should! tsk. tsk. what a life, now you just prove that this celebrity is true when he said it back then, shame on you! now, the story is reverse instead of defensing and bringing honor to your country! you just messed with it...and the fact is your not really successful destroying him, he just get more love from his fans!!! waha...actually
    i'm a fan of korean celebrity but i don't know where boy band this person belongs with, but you see i gave a time to stand for him! cause i think, he deserves a second chance...not him but all of us deserves it...If the one who creates us forgive our sins, why us people can't forgive??? really really shame on us...sacrifice... Christmas is here, Give a little love and it all comes back to you
    Indeed, it's true. It's just a cause-and-effect relationship.
    Whatever you reap, you will sow it. Whatever you have done
    to another person - whether it's good or bad - it will come back to you.
    A hundred fold. =) wata long comment! hihi...enjoy.

  50. Anonymous says:

    finally, the truth comes out..
    i dont see it as a mistake. it is true, that the korean idol looks like gay...i mean, c'mon, do you honestly wake up and hug your friends like suju....urm, weird man.

    they said, it was their culture. well, i just dont get it. it seems fake to me. normally boys are not into make up, but super junior seems to love it...hahahaha, weirdddd

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