[NEWS] Action Packed Scenes in “Heading to the Ground” by Jung Yunho and Go Ara

MBC’s drama “Heading to the Ground” that airs Wednesdays and Thursdays, attracted the attention this week with its action movie-like scenes.

The episode of “Heading to the Ground” that aired September 17th left many clutching on to the edge of their seats, featuring a thrilling motorcycle chase that was followed by a car crash.

In this episode, Bong-goon ( Jung Yunho) speeds down the freeway on a motorcycle, in a dangerous pursuit of the kidnapped Hae-Bin (Ara). Eventually, in jumping on to the car in order to save Hae-bin from falling into Lake Han, he does so himself after he manages to gets her to safety.

After the filming crew managed to block off the entire bridge from the public with a single car, Jung Yunho and Ara set about displaying a flawless performance of a very difficult and dangerous scene.

This scene also was the subject of much discussion as it took place in the midst of Yunho’s 4000 fans that had been invited to fill the audience stands during the fliming of Cha Bong-goon’s soccer debut scene.

Source: asiae.co.kr
Translations: happy.colour @ OneTVXQ

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    hmm.. i'm still confused, it's go ara or choi ara

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