[news] Amber “They say I look like SJ’s Donghae & SHinee’s JH”

5 member girl group f(x)’s Amber, has said that she has heard many times that she looks like some of her company’s seniors.

On September 11, at the Seoul Yeoido KBS Annex Hall, Amber met with reporters in the waiting room and said, “People say I look like Super Junior’s Donghae, and also SHINee’s Jonghyun.”

Before her debut, Amber was introduced with her short hair and boyish charms, which aroused controversy on “Is she a boy or a girl?” But meeting Amber in person, she has cute appearances.

Amber said, “It’s been about an year and a half since I’ve come to Korea” Also “I got very close to KARA’s Nicole. It was a little easier to talk, since I was able to talk in English with Nicole.”

Every time she would encounter a broadcast official in the hallways, Amber would always bow 90 degrees, with the so-called ‘Belly Button Bow’, which has attracted attention.

Full activities for f(x) have started after their September 2nd debut showcase. f(x) who is gaining a lot of popularity with their song ‘LA chA TA’ has been acclaimed the ‘Amateur Monster’ (TL Note: They’re basically calling f(x) new artists who has swiped out the music industry~)

Source: newsen
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

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  1. Anonymous says:

    she looks ugly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree totally. Super Junior’s Donghae, and SHINee’s Jonghyun look so much better please!!! :O

  3. Anonymous says:

    lol. Jongamber. cute, that would be a cute coupling haha. omg lol i know! she bows so MUCH! haha i saw in the radio thing and it wasnt just her, i noticed the other members were bowing a lot too. like super super low. haha. its cute though <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    there's one pic of amber which really looks like jonghyun thought =/

  5. tina_cute says:

    so shocked hear he look like donghae???
    absolutely not right
    donghae is handsome and cute
    but he??
    i think he must see a mirror first..

  6. Anonymous says:

    tina_cute, amber is a she not a he.... r you dumb or something??
    btw, she is pretty than people who said that she is ugly.... see yourself first in the mirror before say anything.... at least she is popular and has a lot of fans.... think about it... n yes she is pretty...

  7. Anonymous says:

    She's cute! Anyway I don't think she look like Donghae or Jonghyun but even the SJ members says she resembles Donghae :/ I guess different people have different opinions :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    sunshine: i think they just present and express who they really are......people should have their mind more open. i accept them, look forward to see their performance....

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeah!1she looks lik dong hae i think..XDD
    she is so cute...
    tina_cute please look at yourself before say anything..do you more beautiful than her??..keep your mouth!

  10. Anonymous says:

    hmm.. i don't think she looks like dong hae or jong hyun, she's cute! what r these ppl going on bout saying she looks like sj and SHINee!

  11. PAT says:

    She's really cute! :) Yes, abit like Donghae :D

  12. Anonymous says:

    EWWW...she's so ugly.
    dun insult donghae and jonghyun!!
    they looks so much hotter and cuter than her.

  13. Anonymous says:

    She doesn't even look like donghae. Gosh!

  14. Anonymous says:

    tina_cute : wth are you.
    you are the one who looks at the mirror first..
    aishh jinjja..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Donghae and Jonghyun in one body. Amber's so pretty ;D

  16. Anonymous says:

    Amber is pretty and has unique image but she's nothing like Donghae...i think she looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than Donghae...i heard she's really religious, i think Siwon found his female twin ^^

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