[news] Baek Ji Young's Encouraging Words to Jaebum

Baek Ji Young, who is currently promoting her single "My Ear's Candy" with 2PM's Taecyeon, had some encouraging words to 2PM's leader, Jaebum.

Known for her support to fellow 2PM member Taecyeon during this rough time in these boy's lives, Baek Ji Young has expanded her love for the boys by sending an encouraging message to Jaebum. Check out her full message below:

Jaebum is accepting the mistake and is thoroughly regretting it. It’s upsetting to see people criticizing him from a view point of their hearts about one mistake caused through a historical misunderstanding when he was young. Looking at sincere and kind Taecyeon who I’m promoting with, it’s a worry if the spirited, professional and good image of the sincere leader Jaebum that lead them will be forgotten because of this case caused by a mistake. It hurts my heart and it is unfortunate to see the passions and efforts of a Hoobae (junior) singer that were accumulated for a long time collapse in one moment through a mistake. As a singer he has taken the decision whether he’ll continue his promotions so I would like it if those around him did not break his free will and his wings. Jaebum-ah.. I hope that you win over this hardship for your jump to the second episode and I would like it if you make this chance as a turning point and an opportunity for you to add another wing. I would like it if you aren’t faltered by the world’s words and that you have strength.

Baek Ji Young's kind words of encouragement will hopefully reach Jaebum and that her support will help him realize the strengths he has as an entertainer. I hope he takes her message to heart and to keep believing in himself. If Baek Ji Young could overcome her own huge scandal, I'm sure Jaebum will too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    she's so caring (:

    jaebum fighting! i hope you rest and heal quickly

  2. Anonymous says:

    props to baek ji young!
    jay, come back soon!
    we love you and we miss you
    so much. Dont let something
    like this ruin your dreams
    or hinder you from accomplishing
    your goals or doing what you
    believe. we believe in you!
    Jay should be forgiven and able
    to move on because he isnt the
    person he was before! bring Jay back!

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