[news] GDragon labelled ‘herbivorous guy’, “I have many girlfriends, but none of them become my lover”

Big Bang GDragon has been labelled as a ‘herbivorous guy’.

GDragon did a test on how much of a ‘herbivorous guy’ he is on the show SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolated aired on 19th September.

It has been known that GDragon has become the new representative of ‘herbivorous guy’ in the entertainment zone with his unique fashion sense.

GDragon was asked to answer a series of questions with ‘O’ or ‘X’ answer - “I have a lot of girl friends but there is no case of development into lovers”, “I can hold a computer dinner with alcohol’ etc. And most of his answers were ‘O’ and MC Kim JungEun has labelled him as a ‘perfect herbivorous guy’.

During this episode, GDragon also performed his solo songs like ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘This Love’.

Meanwhile, GDragon continues with the ‘GDragon tsunami’ phenomenon, the song ‘Heartbreaker’ is doing well up on music charts and music shows rankings.

*PS: ‘Herbivorous Guy’, according to Korean Wiki, is to describe someone who does not appeal very strongly as an opposite gender to female, but is known to be active in his interests and hobbies, and rather passive when it comes to females or lovers.

source: sookyeong

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    LOL, bet women can't resist him though.

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