[news] KBS boycotts YG Entertainment – f(x) Sulli the reason behind it?

It has been known that YG Entertainment has been boycotted by KBS 2FM. The radio station will boycott all appearances by YG singers.
This was sparked off by a sudden no-show by GDragon on Sukira on 15th September, and KBS 2FM had refused to play any YG singers’ song on the station for the whole of that day.
And it was questioned if the dispute between the YG Ent and KBS 2FM was due to GDragon mentioning f(x) Sulli in his earlier radio show appearance.

▶ Was f(x) Sulli the problem for no-show on radio show?

KBS 2FM said on 18th September, “On 15th September, with the sudden non-participation of GDragon for our radio show Sukira, we have gone against the trust given by listeners. With that we have decided to put a boycott against YG singers indefinitely.”

On the 15th itself, KBS 2FM did not aire any of the songs by YG singers.

There were originally plans for GDragon to appear on ‘Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Sukira)’ show, and the production team to Sukira said, “GDragon was originally set to appear on the show on 15th September, but they suddenly said that they will not have him on the show on the 10th. And even with the request of our team, they have broken their promise and did not let him go on the show.”

Even though Sukira’s production team has tried to persuade for GDragon to appear on the show by posting on their homepage, YG managers did not even apologise or give an explanation to GDragon’s no-show after that.

One of the producers said, “YG Ent said that when GDragon were asked the question “Which junior girlgroup singers do you think is the cutest?” and he answered f(x) Sulli on 9th September on one of the radio shows on 9th September, it became a problem and it is difficult to have him go on radio show. But in the schedule shared by GDragon and his fans, it was stated that he will be appearing on Sukira”
▶ YG speaks up

While YG spoke up about KBS 2FM’s boycott against them as being “unfair” to them.

A YG representative said on 18th September, “GDragon went on to KBS 2FM ‘Up The Volume’ for his first radio show programme,and 2NE1 also appear on Sukira – we have been on good terms with KBS radio, we are in shock and disbelief to have received such a notification from them. Even though we did receive requests for GDragon to go on Sukira, we did not 100% agree or promise that he will go on the show.”

Yang Hyun Seok also talked about this during an interview on 18th September, “We have clearly stated our stand that it is difficult to have GDragon on the radio show on 10th and 14th September. We have decided that it is not good to have GDragon talk too much about personal stuff and had decided that he will not go on radio shows.” He also stressed that GDragon has not gone on any other radio shows after the 2 radio shows he did at the beginning period of his solo debut.

He added, “To get boycotted by a broadcast company, isn’t the measures too harsh?”

But KBS 2FM had stated, “The boycott only appears on radio show, it has nothing to do with KBS TV.”

Meanwhile, GDragon will continue to appear on KBS Music Bank next week.

source: sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wtf why ask questions like that if not ready for the answer? sheesh all he said was shes cute its not like he said "iv slept with sulli" i have no fXkn idea y koreans react so harshly. lately im losing respect ...

  2. Jaz says:

    Anyway KBS radio will only be loosing ratings not YG family.Its kinda stupid to boycott artist which songs are so popular now.Lesser people will listen to their radio.

    KBS TV is smart not to boycott them.

    This is almost like the MNET banned on SM artist. SM artist did not loose anything if did not appear on M Countdown..only MNET will loose ratings.It is extremely boring without SM artist on M Countdown.Furthermore there is nothing to loose for SM artist not performing on Mcountdown as the sound system there is lousy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    some people just think that "oh YG is popular, they don't need KBS." WTF? It's less promotions for them. It's YG's loss!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    wtf >.<

  5. Anonymous says:

    childish. both have mistakes. accept then apology. problem solved. issue of the month> boycott.

  6. Anonymous says:

    yeah! i agree with the post above this!

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