[news] Girlgroups KARA and f(x) are close friends

It has been known that girlgroups KARA and f(x) members are close friends.

With similar age range amongst members and also promoting in the same time period, the 2 groups have become closer in terms of their relationship. The 2 groups have even danced to each other’s choreography on a music programmes recently.

And on 18th September, which was the day of f(x) member Amber’s birthday, the 2 groups have held a birthday party together in the waiting room for KBS Music Bank.

It was known that KARA member Nicole is very close to Amber. Both of them can relate to each other better as they were both from LA America. They had even left in the same neighbourhood in LA before. And for Amber who is still learning to improve on her Korean language gets pointers in learning the language directly from Nicole.

Goo Hara and Luna have also shown great friendship. Goo Hara said, “We got closer to each other since we are using the one waiting room. Because we are pretty similar in terms of age, it was easier to communicate as well. And we became good friends.” Luna also said, “KARA unnies are really good to us. They took care of us like real sisters and gave us much advice too.”

And the interactions between the youngest members from the 2 groups are more active. Especially since Kang JiYoung was the maknae (youngest) girlgroup members amongst members from all girlgroups, she recently found 2 new friends – f(x) Krystal and Sulli – they played and chatted a lot.

Kang Ji Young said, “It is weird but there are many times we end up sharing a waiting room with f(x). And we grew closer to one another at a very strange and fast speed. It can be a little boring to have no maknae friends, but know I’m very happy.”

Source: Sookyeong

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