[news] G.O.D Kim TaeWoo speaks up about JaeBum’s case, “There’s no need to discuss celebrities life”

GOD’s Kim TaeWoo says he is “angry” about Jaebum’s issue.

In a recent interview Kim TaeWoo said “I’m sure there is no one Korean that has never resented Korea before.” “I don’t understand why they can’t recognize ‘one out of all.’ It’s because they are jealous of one person’s fame.”

Kim TaeWoo said, “Did they really have to ruin a person’s life with their opinions?” Showing much disappointment, he said, “ Jaebum is very talented and always a hard working kid,” and that “He works hard and seems like he will gain a lot of interest with his love. Because of this small issue, one’s life has fallen.”

Kim TaeWoo said, “It was something that happened before he even became a singer,” and added that “if they dug into other’s past they would surely found a flaw.” Kim TaeWoo believes “The most important thing is the present and the possibilities of the future.” And confessed that “Celebrities are not peanuts to be played with for fun. I hope the culture of digging up small issues will disappear. It is really sad.”

On Sept 19th PD JYP said to the fans who demanded the withdrawal of Jaebum’s resignation that “ Right now that is to excessive.” And announced, “2PM will continue as a 6-member group.” Fans have said that “this Jaebum’s resignation issue was similar to god Park JunHyung’s issue when he almost had to resign,” and criticized JYP. What would Kim TaeWoo, having gone through a similar situation, feel about this?
“GOD denied the company’s (JYPE) management during Park Junhyung’s close-to-resignation crisis. I believe if 2PM supports Jaebum, he will have no problem coming back. Also I think (Park) Jinyoung hyung would do the same.”

Kim TaeWoo said that the relation the fans made between GOD and 2PM has nothing to do with it. He said, “The political man is an official recognition. But celebrities are not expert they are artists. They only sing better than most others. Because of the public influence they have to be careful with what they do but it doesn’t mean they have to be perfect.”

He said, “Isn’t doing something morally or conscientiously wrong the main problem? For example, drunk driving and drugs, etc. It should be something that even to a normal person it is considered bad, in order for it to be pointed at. But it doesn’t mean they have to absolutely be polite and gentle.

Kim TaeWoo said, “ Jaebum is being treated like a traitor who sold the country. All he was trying to get was some comfort from his friend back when he was having a hard time. People shouldn’t be concerened about a celebrities personal life,” and said that, “When a singer releases an album and people didn’t like it because it had no change to it then they just shouldn’t buy it. It’s the best way for the people to express their feelings about the singer.”

Summary of the rest of the article:

Kim TaeWoo is basically saying that people shouldn’t be concerned with celebrities personal/private life. And ruin their life with harsh criticism. He says people need to see the difference between the people that deserve the criticism and those who don’t. He continues to talk about the criminals and also Yoo SeungJun who can’t set foot on Korean anymore. He believes the cultural growth is the biggest reason why we need to stop it.

Lastly Kim TaeWoo says “Jaebum sorry I couldn’t protect you,” and that “In truth everyone should say this but it’s hard to. But I believe this is right.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i'm so glad some celebrities are starting to support jaebum. i really hope he will come back soon. jaebum fighting~ <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    I came to know Korea better after I started to like their music and finally fans of artistes/singers. Its a pity that Korea is still not as open as they were in the past. There are negative feedback of how Korean dislike and treated non-korean differently. I strongly believe there are many Koreans don't behave in this manner. The most impact given to foreigners is thru how they treat artistes. Issues like Jay and others. Even their own Korean stars are not able to escape. Some even committed suicide due to this pressue. I really thank Kim TW who spoke up for JAY. And hope thru this issue it can make people look at things in a different way. Thank you very much KTW.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jay wasn't even a Korean citizen...how can they compare him to Yoo Seung Joo? Jay never was obligated to serve in the Korean army, he was recruited by Koreans to work in Korea. He was invited as a person of talent to help the Korean economy become more vibrant, international and successful.

    Koreans who drove Jay away don't understand the damage they caused to Korea's reputation. It is far worse than Jay's little comment that was ultimately disproved by his actions. Jay loved Korea enough to stick with it, change his mind and work to promote Kpop.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was really moved by this article what he says is excatly what should be said ^^ I completly agree with everything and it's really good that he show his support to Jay who didn't deserve what happened to him.
    People should stop making a fuss of details, he made a mistake so what ? he was young alone and had a lot of pressure
    Most of the time it seems that korean idols have a looot of pressure, look at all the sucides... that's really painful netizen must stop harassing everybody.
    Hop that things will change very soon and that Jay will also come back evrybody is waiting for him

  5. Anonymous says:

    That was beautiful. I hope it makes a difference!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love kim tae woo!
    thank you so much!
    finally, people are starting
    to realize. Jay we miss you
    and we love you so much!
    please come back!
    believe in yourself and know
    that something like shouldnt
    break you down but make you
    even stronger through this
    experience. you have so much
    supporters. please bring jay back!

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. PAT says:

    “Jaebum sorry I couldn’t protect you,”
    :( So sad.

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