[news] Hee Chul induces the most Hee-Haws?

Well, according to those netizens (who I am even more unnerved by, if that was even possible, since the whole Jaebeomgate) Mr. He-Man himself, Kim Hee Chul, is the artist with the mostest when it comes to tickling the funny bones of the fair citizens of KPopland.

DC Inside conducted a poll last week asking people, “Which male musician is the funniest ‘Gag Idol’?” SuJu’s Hee Chul grabbed 35% of the votes with his consistent “joking character” and “silly remarks” on various televised programs. And tick-tocking the laughs from the opposite sides of the clock, 2pm’s Nickhun and 2am’s JoKwon clutched the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

Hmm. Well, because of my sporadic obsession with SBS’ “Family Outing,” I think Big Bang’s Daesung should’ve placed higher on the list, but no one can argue with Hee Haw Chul still being the most entertaining male singer when it comes to not, er, actually singing. His brief bromances and oozing-out-of-his-pores fe-man-inity aside, this dude is actually very witty and unusually captivating. I was thisclose to having a full-on crush when I saw him hold his ground during the Dangyunhaji games on SBS’ “X-Man,” but then I rightfully came to my senses after seeing this clip…among other things. Phew.


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