[news] Taeyang to Release Sophomore Album

With Big Bang postponing practically all of their activities due to Daesung’s situation, YG isn’t about to just let them stand by and rake in nothing but leaves this Fall right? Which is why this is the perfect time for the members to work on their solo projects. G-Dragon is currently enjoying his first ever solo venture and now it has been announced that Taeyang will come out again to his 2nd album this October.

That’s a planned full length album in less than a month. However, even with some songs already completed and on standby, Yang Hyun Suk himself acknowledges that delays and push backs are inevitable so they might release a digital single before the album drops.

I still have “Look Only At Me” playing on my iPod everyday so Taeyang, please get me out of 2008 and into 2009 (which is about to end soon, ha!) with another hot new single. I’m hoping he releases something while G-Dragon is still on the scene. G-D vs Taeyang. If that happens, it could be the best duke out I’ve seen since Pumpkin spit in New York’s face on Flavor of Love. In the mean time, check out this clip I recently stumbled upon of Taeyang performing ”Look Only At Me” at the Big Show concert.


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    Kekeke. G.d vs ty? Keke* lucky ty releasing songs and jaechun th colours single alr and g.d songs to accompany me cause too many new girls grs are out and releasin songs! I think I have more girls grps pics and songs than boys now. -.-

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