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Daum’s “music special” sat down with the Super Diva recently about her comeback to the Kpop music scene.

D: It’s been awhile since you’ve had an album release, what does this 4th album mean to you?

B: This album is something that I would call a mixture of modern music with retro pop sounds. It’s taken a long time to prepare this album and consequently it is something that I am both very proud of and comfortable with.

D: What have you been up to for the last 2 years?

B: I’ve been meeting my fans as a musical actress. I also traveled to New York where I became really interested in the modern art that I was exposed to there. I used that as inspiration when brainstorming for my new music video.

D: There is word that you always insist on “live” performances. Is there a reason why you forgo the usual kpop reliance on lip syncing?

B: It’s not necessarily that I insist on always singing live, but I’ve come to realize that my fans really enjoy the live performances. I would like to sing live for as long as my stamina will allow.

D: Do you ever miss the other S.E.S. members as you all are busy with your solo careers?

B: I don’t really miss them since we still hang out all the time. There are times when I am nostalgic about the past. Of course I realize that there are fans out there who would like to see a reunion. I am really proud of both of them as they work hard in their respective solo careers.

D: Everyone (especially girls) are noticing that you are getting prettier every year. Are there any special beauty/fitness secrets that you can share?

B: I am always practicing in front of a full length mirror while singing. It allows me to always check every little thing about my figure while I move and sing. I also love running and hanging upside down?

D: You are returning to your award winning role as “Esmeralda” in “Notre-Dame de Paris”. What does being a musical actress mean to you?

B: Being in a musical is a whole different realm of music for me. The way that there is such an intimate interaction between the audience and the actor on stage is what has such a strong appeal for me. Please come out to support our musical!

Bada’s MV for “Mad”:

cr: velbetwise, daum

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